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In December 2004, Auber was established in this place. It might not be fantastic house, but it is like a home just built, inside there were so much hope and dreams, families were united to run for the common aim, with only one cosmetic tubes extruding machine, one printer, and one sealing machine. 



 Auber ABL Aluminum plastic laminated tubes vendor

In May 2006, Auber ran through ISO9001:2000 standard, a professional program was built. Not like before, everyone knew what their position could do and how to do when obtaining to the standard. We all knew that this came without easiness, how many days and nights over working, and how hard we worked. (On right it was a photo we were taking part in ISO test) 


Because of the stable quality, thankfully we earned a lot of trust from overseas & local clients. To provide better service & products to foreign clients, we specially built up a overseas team in July 2008.  

With more and more clients reached us, along with the more strict requests on the quality, in 2009, we decided to set up more production lines, equipped with many advanced production machines, such as 6C offset printer, 6C silkscreen printer, multi-layers tubes making machines and so on. To ensure the quality, we also bought some inspection and testing machines, like thermostat, tensile tester, torque tester, dry vacuum tester, color comparison box, etc..

Auber nozzle gel tubesAuber Cosmetic Tubes ManufacturersAuber Jordom general manager ( Jordom Lee, general manager of Auber)

In June 2011, the old factory capacity cannot match the growing desire any more. We built a new factory in Guangzhou. The acreage of our new factory was around 5800SQM. And we produce around 300,000pcs of plastic squeeze tubes, 150,000pcs Aluminum plastic laminated tubes, and 150,000pcs Plastic Laminated tubes per day with high efficiency. 

 Auber PBL lotion tubes

In 2012, Auber changed the position from ‘cosmetic tube manufacturer only’ to ‘professional cosmetic tube solutions supplier’, wholly upgraded the ability for severing. Moreover, we become more active to attend related industry fair, strengthen communication with customers, and provide helpful suggestions to help clients solve problems actively. 


Auber SGS plastic tube lotion tubes


In 2014, we became a SGS certificated supplier; meanwhile, we also applied to qualify our raw materials by SGS to ensure product safety.

In 2015, with a thought-grow up once again from 0, we started to study every sections in our process of cosmetic tubes production, found out the weakness and try to fix it. ( Below picture is our ISO team on the meeting) Finally, we were certificated by ISO9001:2008 with the improvements & each department’s hard work. 
Auber ISO Brush Tube Packaging 





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