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1. Patented Cap---Concave Caps

Click to check Article about Concave Caps Click to check Product Details about Concave Caps

2. Unique Tail Seal---Animal shape tail

Click to check Product Details about ‘Special Tail Sealed Skincare Tubes‘

3. Special Material

Click to see more PBL tubes/Plastic Laminated Tubes Click to see more High Glossy Laminted Tubes Click to see more ABL tubes/Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tubes

4. Different Aplicators (Keep updating)

airless pump packaging silicone lip gloss tubes mascara tube packaging

soft foam BB cream tube clear gel tubes acrylic lip gloss tube

Roll-on massage cream packaging Nipple Baby skincare packaging silicone brush tube packaging

5. High-end Decoration

 Reverse UV spot Sand texture cosmetic tubes thick matte effect ABL tubes Bark texture plastic gel tubes full version hot stamping lip gloss tube



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