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Vision & Value

Auber's Services:

Auber Auber offers all kind of services throughout the supply chain of cosmetic tubes.

Auber Offer tube design, production, printing / labeling / hot-stamping, making orifice, foil seal / tail seal, assembling, delivery, etc.

Auber's Quality Control:

Auber Following ISO9001:2008 and GB/T 2828.1-2003 standard, Auber inspected each tube strictly during production.

Auber 100% inspection will be carried out before packaging.

Auber Testings:

  Extra 24H penetration testing to be carried out for 5 layer tubes.

  Extra 0.5H bleaching colored testing to be carried out for colored tubes.

Auber Professional inspection report will be submit together with shipping documents.

Auber's R&D System:

Auber More than 14 years of R&D experiences.

Auber Strong at researching on different materials, styles, caps, and technology improvement of tubes.

Auber We have very strong modeling capability.

Auber Continuously creating innovative, highly consumable products in both current and expanding markets.

Auber's Delivery Control:

Auber Short lead time.

Auber Strict management throughout the procedures from sampling, ordering, production, inspection, loading until delivery.

Auber Relevant professional teams closely connected on each step of order processing, technical supporting, inspection and shipment.

Auber's Customers:

Auber More than 100 customers all over the world created during the last 12years.

Auber Aiming to achieve more customers in the next 12years.

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