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A research about Chinese cosmetic packaging[ 11-24 21:00 ]
As the demand of cosmetic packaging in China is growing, the scale of packaging market is expanding.
Conseils aux consommateurs pour la gestion des emballages de beauté[ 11-21 21:00 ]
emballage des produits de beauté devrait également être considéré. Mais pour la durabilité, les consommateurs participeront également à l'action.
The popularity of wood texture cap in skin care plastic tube[ 11-17 21:00 ]
In order to attract the consumers, skin care plastic tube manufacturers make tube packaging special and glamorous
Пункт продажи: утилизация упаковки косметики[ 11-14 21:00 ]
Использование экологически чистая упаковка может носить этический характер и говорить о торговых точках к косметическому бренду в наши дни.
Do you notice the small strip at the end of the cosmetics tube?[ 11-10 21:00 ]
Do you notice the small strip at the end of the cosmetics tube?
Iniziare a rendere l'imballaggio della pelle cura eco-friendly[ 11-07 21:00 ]
Molto famoso marchio cosmetico inizia ad essere eco-friendly adesso, sostenendo che ridurre l'imballaggio e volantini, formula naturale e inchiostro di stampa.
Usages of plastic tube packaging[ 11-03 21:00 ]
What kind of cosmetics can be used with plastic tube packaging? Below is a brief introduction based on different material?
è tempo di rivalutare l'imballaggio per i prodotti anti-invecchiamento[ 10-31 21:00 ]
Bottiglie o barattoli, sono tradizionali tra imballaggi per prodotti antinvecchiamento.
Common cosmetic tube material[ 10-27 21:00 ]
They are mainly packed by soft cosmetics tubes. But were you ever interested in what their material is?
Encuesta enviando un peque?o paquete de cosméticos[ 10-24 21:00 ]
?Alguna vez pensaste en hacer una encuesta enviando un paquete peque?o de cosméticos?
Tips to consumers for handling beauty packaging[ 10-20 21:00 ]
The beauty products packaging should also be considered. But to sustainability, consumers would also take part in the action.
Исследование о упаковке китайского косметического рынка[ 10-17 21:00 ]
Это отчет, посвященный китайской косметическая упаковка с разных сторон. Аспекты включают материалы, типы контейнеров, обычаи, а также компании.
Selling point: recycle packaging of cosmetics[ 10-13 21:00 ]
Using eco-friendly packaging could be ethical and a talking sales point to a cosmetic brand nowadays.
La direzione dello sviluppo del mercato cosmetico[ 10-10 21:00 ]
L'ultima volta che abbiamo parlato della direzione dello sviluppo cosmetico, oggi andremo a condividere un'indagine sul mercato dei imballaggi cosmetici
Start to make the skin care packaging eco-friendly[ 10-06 21:00 ]
Much famous cosmetic brand starts to be eco-friendly right now, claiming that lessen packaging and leaflets, natural formula and printing ink.
La direction du développement du marché des cosmétiques[ 10-03 21:00 ]
Avec le développement de la société et la diversité croissante de la vie, les tubes cosmétiques sont de plus en plus compétitifs dans le marché des emballages cosmétiques.
It’s time to re-evaluate the packaging for anti-aging products[ 09-29 21:00 ]
Bottles or jars, are traditional among packaging for anti-aging products.
Machen Sie Pl?ne für KosmetikVerpackungen mit Daten[ 09-26 21:00 ]
KosmetikVerpackungen sind überall im t?glichen Leben zu sehen.Ein Grund
Survey by sending small cosmetic trail pack[ 09-22 21:00 ]
Do you ever think to make a survey by sending small cosmetic trail pack?
?Qué es lo que impide que la marca de belleza sea ecológica?[ 09-19 21:00 ]
Muchas personas dijeron que los embalaje de belleza que no son reutilizables traerían da?o a la tierra.
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