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Functional skincare packaging adds value for products[ 02-16 21:00 ]
It used to be about appearance and materials when designing skincare packaging.
L'emballage fonctionnel de soin de la peau ajoute de la valeur pour les produits[ 02-13 21:00 ]
Il était utilisé pour l'apparence et les matériaux lors de la conception des emballage de soin de la peau.
Male market’s contribution for cosmetic packaging[ 02-09 21:00 ]
As a cosmetic packaging supplier, this is another growing opportunity for the industry.
Contributo del mercato maschile per l'imballaggio cosmetico[ 02-06 21:00 ]
Come fornitore di imballaggio cosmetico, questa è un'altra opportunità in crescita per l'industria.
Cosmetic packaging being focused on CPNA[ 02-02 21:00 ]
This year, it focuses from the innovation development of cosmetic packaging to cosmetic formulation with over 33,000 visitors and 1,100 exhibitors participating in the fair.
Tendencias para envases cosméticos[ 01-30 21:00 ]
Con el crecimiento del mercado de productos cosméticos y de cuidado de la piel, se espera que los embalaje cosmético ofrezcan más características.
Creative cosmetic needs creative packaging[ 01-26 21:00 ]
Cosmetics grow and change fast, and so to their packaging. It is said that an innovation revolution for cosmetic packaging will come soon.
Entwicklungstrends für Verpackungen für Sch?nheit und K?rperpflege[ 01-23 21:00 ]
Referenzberichte zeigen auch einen wichtigen Trend für Sch?nheit und pers?nliche Verpackung
Glossy tubes for cosmetic products[ 01-19 21:00 ]
If you are feeling too shinny for the high glossy tubes, aluminum laminated tubes is also for option.
Pourquoi la demande d'emballages tubulaires augmente-t-elle au Royaume-Uni?[ 01-16 21:00 ]
La plus grande part de marché pour les emballage de tube est en Europe, et le Royaume-Uni est considéré comme un pays dominant dans cette région.
Cosmetics/ makeups packaging are requesting to be more convenient[ 01-12 21:00 ]
the convenience of cosmetics/ makeup packaging is also the key for a quick makeup.
Глобальный прогноз рынка упаковки труб до 2021 года[ 01-09 21:00 ]
Выпущен отчет о глобальном прогнозе рынка трубной упаковки до 2021 года.
New materials for lip product packaging are applying to adapt new ingredients[ 01-05 21:00 ]
Lip color is being creative which leads to the innovation for lip packaging.
Seminario sulle innovazioni nel packaging[ 01-02 21:00 ]
Un seminario sulle innovazioni del packaging si terrà nel 2018, a New York.
Trends for cosmetic packaging[ 12-29 21:00 ]
With the growth of cosmetic and skincare products market, cosmetic packaging is expected to offer more features.
Eine Forschung über chinesische kosmetische verpackung[ 12-26 21:00 ]
Da die Nachfrage nach kosmetische verpackung in China w?chst, w?chst der Umfang des Verpackungsmarktes.
Development trends for beauty and personal care packaging[ 12-22 21:00 ]
Reference reports have also show some key trend for beauty and personal packaging.
La popularité du bouchon de texture en bois dans le tube de plastique pour soins de la peau[ 12-19 21:00 ]
Afin d'attirer les consommateurs, les fabricants de tube de plastique pour soins de la peau font des emballages en tube spéciaux et glamour
Why the demand for tube packaging is increasing in UK?[ 12-15 21:00 ]
The largest market share for tube packaging is in Europe, and UK is considered as a dominate country in this region.
Avete notato la piccola striscia alla fine del tubo cosmetici?[ 12-12 21:00 ]
Avete notato la piccola striscia alla fine del tubo cosmetici?
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