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** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (1)[ 05-19 14:13 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (1)
** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (2)[ 05-19 17:13 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (2)
Testimonials from David-- Auber PBL cosmetic tubes[ 03-01 11:05 ]
We were surprised that David decided to order the PBL tubes (All plastic laminated tubes) soon.
Never judge a customer by where he/she is from[ 02-15 15:05 ]
I have knew P for almost one year. At that time I was selling paper packaging tubes instead of plastic cosmetic tubes.
The difference between Paper Packaging and Cosmetic Tube Packaging printing[ 04-18 21:00 ]
Cosmetic Tubes Packaging industry will get better and better, and I will become a professional member in this line in the further.
Tube packaging may becoming the most suitable cosmetic packaging in some case[ 04-15 21:00 ]
A good formulation is the key for a successful cosmetic product, and the cosmetic packaging offers extra support for the formulation.
** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (3)[ 04-09 14:23 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (3)
Bamboo container[ 04-04 21:00 ]
Actually no manufacturer in China produces a full set of bamboo packaging.
BIG THANK YOU TO AUBER[ 04-03 14:38 ]
This month I receive a special letter of thanks from a customer. When open it, we're so excited and can't help shouting out!
Trend for lip color packaging[ 03-30 21:00 ]
Lip color with shinny look is attractive to end-users; metallized parts for lip packaging are designed to match it.
Different Cosmetic Tube Tail Shapes[ 03-29 21:00 ]
Auber specializes in manufacturing cosmetic tubes?for more than 13 years. If you need any support in plastic squeeze tubes for cosmetics,etc, welcome to visit our website
Cosmetic packaging requires diversity[ 03-16 21:00 ]
Rectangular lip care products package was provided now. its concept is to allow consumers to apply lip color from different sides of the lipstick at a convenient way.
Do you know the China Cosmetic market?[ 03-14 21:00 ]
We do tube packaging only, and we do it well.
Косметическая упаковка требует разнообразия[ 03-13 21:00 ]
Прямоугольный пакет для ухода за губами был предоставлен сейчас.
New cosmetic tube for skincare[ 03-09 21:00 ]
During our daily skincare, we all appreciate delicate and tender care for our skin especially when it comes to facial care. A new cosmetic tube has been designed to meet this requirement.
Automation changes in cosmetic tube workshops[ 03-07 21:00 ]
Even in our cosmetic tube industry,it is also the same trend.
Nuovo tubo cosmetico per la cura della pelle[ 03-06 21:00 ]
Un nuovo tubo cosmetico è stato progettato per soddisfare questo requisito.
Innovation in Cosmetic industry[ 03-02 21:00 ]
Some other new ideas are raised for cosmetic packaging.
Fade of high glossy tube or tube packaging with hot stamping[ 02-28 21:00 ]
High glossy tube or tube packaging with hot stamping looks very stylish, attracts attention of consumers.
Innovación en la industria cosmética[ 02-27 21:00 ]
Algunas otras ideas nuevas se plantean para embalaje cosmético.
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