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** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (1)[ 05-19 14:13 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (1)
** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (2)[ 05-19 17:13 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (2)
Testimonials from David-- Auber PBL cosmetic tubes[ 03-01 11:05 ]
We were surprised that David decided to order the PBL tubes (All plastic laminated tubes) soon.
Never judge a customer by where he/she is from[ 02-15 15:05 ]
I have knew P for almost one year. At that time I was selling paper packaging tubes instead of plastic cosmetic tubes.
A small foil is not 'small'[ 07-11 21:00 ]
We are asked about the questions about foil sealing these days, therefore, we would like to share more about it. Really, you will find the small foil seal for cosmetic tube is not ‘small’.
Finding our way to make better tubes[ 07-04 17:30 ]
In cosmetic tube printing, many customers apply CMYK to make the whole artwork. It’s a common way for squeeze tube printing.
Key factors to settle your new tube packaging-2 Tube finishes[ 06-15 21:00 ]
We’ve shared different cosmetic tubes structure in my last article, catch up by clicking here if you missed it.
Key factors to settle your new tube packaging[ 05-31 21:00 ]
You are switching your packaging to TUBES, and have no idea on where to start? Here is some basic information for you.
We are using original PE-a recyclable material for our tubes[ 05-17 21:00 ]
ABL Tubes( Aluminum plastic laminated tubes) are very flexible in sizes(Diameters from D16mm to D60mm), caps, and printing.
Marks on skincare packaging you need to know[ 05-15 21:00 ]
With the growing realization of environment protection, the demand for skincare packaging with sustainability is increasing.
My understanding of cosmetic tubes[ 05-02 21:00 ]
From paper packaging to cosmetic tube packaging, I found that their production process is similar, but there are still some obvious differences.
A new beauty packaging design solve your mascara problem[ 04-30 21:00 ]
Beauty packaging suppliers are looking for more innovation to bring convenience and enjoyment for consumers.
The difference between Paper Packaging and Cosmetic Tube Packaging printing[ 04-18 21:00 ]
Cosmetic Tubes Packaging industry will get better and better, and I will become a professional member in this line in the further.
Tube packaging may becoming the most suitable cosmetic packaging in some case[ 04-15 21:00 ]
A good formulation is the key for a successful cosmetic product, and the cosmetic packaging offers extra support for the formulation.
** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (3)[ 04-09 14:23 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (3)
Bamboo container[ 04-04 21:00 ]
Actually no manufacturer in China produces a full set of bamboo packaging.
BIG THANK YOU TO AUBER[ 04-03 14:38 ]
This month I receive a special letter of thanks from a customer. When open it, we're so excited and can't help shouting out!
Trend for lip color packaging[ 03-30 21:00 ]
Lip color with shinny look is attractive to end-users; metallized parts for lip packaging are designed to match it.
Different Cosmetic Tube Tail Shapes[ 03-29 21:00 ]
Auber specializes in manufacturing cosmetic tubes?for more than 13 years. If you need any support in plastic squeeze tubes for cosmetics,etc, welcome to visit our website
Cosmetic packaging requires diversity[ 03-16 21:00 ]
Rectangular lip care products package was provided now. its concept is to allow consumers to apply lip color from different sides of the lipstick at a convenient way.
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