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      This lip balm tube is round in 16mm with a incline tip tube head. When you squeezing the tube, the content can slowly flow out throught the head.
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     This is a D16mm Lip Balm Tube.

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    We can produce lip gloss tubes in single layer, double layer or 5 layers(EVOH) from 5ml to 15ml.

    The printing decoration can be customized as silk screen printing, offset printing, hot stampling or labeling as customer's request. 

    Customized lip gloss packaging:

    1. Sort: Round tube       

    2. Diameter: 16mm        

    3. Tube Length: Different tube length is available

    4. Layer: Single layer, Double layers, 5 layers

    5. Material:  Tube-PE  Cap-PP

    6. Capacity: From 5ml to 15ml

    7. Decoration: Silk screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping. 

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    1. Quantitative positioning extrusion

    2. There are several tube packaging type to choose, smooth tube head or with rotating ball are very comfortable when consumer use the products touch their lips or skin.

    3. According to the different usage,displaying effect, customer can choose different matching cap type to tubes

    4. Lip gloss tubes are suitable for 5-25 ml small capacity products, it's easy to carry, it especially suitable for lip gloss, Lip cream products

    5. Tubes can be customized to different tube color and printing way


    lip-gloss, lip essence, eye essence, BB cream,CC cream, hand cream,lotion, fluid candy, sauce and oils packaging

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