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Do you know the China Cosmetic market?[ 03-14 21:00 ]
We do tube packaging only, and we do it well.
Automation changes in cosmetic tube workshops[ 03-07 21:00 ]
Even in our cosmetic tube industry,it is also the same trend.
Fade of high glossy tube or tube packaging with hot stamping[ 02-28 21:00 ]
High glossy tube or tube packaging with hot stamping looks very stylish, attracts attention of consumers.
Align to the front get you a fortune[ 02-21 21:00 ]
Most people like oriented flip top cap for tubes both for round tube or oval tube.
Leakage Issue on Cosmetic Tubes[ 02-14 21:00 ]
Recently, there is a customer asked about leakage issue on cosmetic tubes, and we’ve shared some information with them.
What is the eco future in cosmetic packaging industry?[ 02-07 21:00 ]
To hold a new project too long may miss the best timing. One client ordered a very special cap for their new cosmetic packaging.
How to finish up the cream inside the skincare packaging[ 01-31 21:00 ]
This is an open topic for discussing. Skincare cream was wasted because there must be a little bit sticking on the inside of skincare packaging.
Big area printing on skincare squeezable tubes[ 01-24 21:00 ]
Almost all kinds of skincare squeezable tubes could be printed with big area printing, no matter ABL tubes, PBL tubes, or normal plastic squeezable tubes.
About PE Cosmetic tube[ 01-17 21:00 ]
The raw materials for PE cosmetic tubes are transparent which means all PE tubes are transparent at the first place.
2018 CNY Holiday Break[ 01-10 21:00 ]
2018 Chinese New Year is approaching. Auber office will be closed during 2018.2.15~21 to celebrate this most important festival in China.
Bamboo caps and environmental protection[ 01-03 21:00 ]
Bamboo caps look naturally, premium, expensive according to one of our clients’ statement.
MATTE and SHINY hot stamping on Skincare Plastic Tubes[ 12-27 21:00 ]
Generally, when making designs for Skincare Plastic Tubes,?many customers?like to?highlight their brand logos or products name via special?surface?technique, like hot stamping.
2017 Christmas blessing[ 12-20 21:00 ]
Here comes the white season again.?Christmas is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts.
New product-parts nozzle head[ 12-13 21:00 ]
The nozzle gel tubes heads are normally below two types.
New product-valve cap[ 12-06 21:00 ]
Water base cosmetics are normally liquid. Therefore, customers would use mini skincare plastic tubes because they could make with small orifice.
Mini movie about Auber-Me and my baby are taking part in[ 11-29 21:00 ]
From the beginning of 2017, Auber had made a plan—we would make a video about ourselves. But we would like to make something different from other cosmetic tubes manufacturer.
UV coating in cosmetic packaging industry[ 11-22 21:00 ]
UV varnish is a common surface finishing process in cosmetic packaging and printing industry.
What is a tube factory like?-My first training lesson in Auber factory[ 11-15 21:00 ]
If you are a sales, or been a sales before, I believe you'd know the importance of how confident a sales feel for its product.
Cosmetic tubes packaging is becoming fashion[ 11-08 21:00 ]
Cosmetic tubes packaging has grown more mature over these years. And there are more new processes appear in tube packaging industry.
Marketing strategy tips[ 11-01 21:00 ]
The aim of marketing is to make consumers be ‘in love’ with the products.
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