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What kind of tube can be printed wholly (including tail and shoulder)?[ 03-15 14:37 ]
Laminated tube, such as PBL, ABL tube, because laminated tube are complanate printing.
What is unvarnished area and no printing area?[ 03-15 11:56 ]
No printing area is a blank space on PE tube shoulder, about 3mm. PE tubes are extruded one time directly, and printing machines are unable to print that angle due to the bending.
What is five/double layers cosmetics tubes? What is the difference?[ 12-01 17:43 ]
A:Succinctly speaking, 5 layers cosmetic tubes(EVOH tubes/CO-EX tubes) are with EVOH, while single/double layers tubes are without.
What are the differences between LDPE/MDPE/HDPE beauty tubes packaging?[ 12-01 17:25 ]
A:First, let’s be clear about their definition. LDPE=Low Density PE; MDPE=Middle Density; HDPE=High Density.
Decorations for Cosmetic Tubes[ 07-20 17:08 ]
Here is a brief introdution about the decorations for plastic tube packaging.
Do you have any ISO or GMP certificates?[ 03-10 16:25 ]
A: Yes, we are ISO certified manufacturer. Our production environment is clean and completely conformed with the GMP requirement.
How do you pack the products?[ 10-14 11:51 ]
We'll pack the tubes in a big polybag and exporting outer carton. Each layer will be packed in order and separated by paper(option 1), or packed in tray(optoin 2).
What's the difference between Mono layer,Multi-layer and Aluminum plastic laminated tubes?[ 12-30 09:35 ]
  Difference between Mono layer,Multi-layer and Aluminum plastic laminated tubes Type Mono layer tube Multi-layer tube Aluminum plastic laminated tube ...
What's the material of your product?[ 12-30 09:23 ]
Auber's cosmetic tubes are made of PE or Aluminum plastic. The tube's softness will be different according to the various percentages of LDPE and HDPE.
What's your factory location?[ 07-21 12:57 ]
Our factory is located in Guangzhou in Guangdong prvice. The detailed address is:Qianjiawei Industry Area, Zhongluotan, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China We also have an office in Guangzhou to contact and meet with customers more conveniently. More details, you can refer to this page in our website: .
Are Auber products environment friendly?[ 07-21 12:56 ]
We are focusing on quality by strictly following the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Our production environment is clean and completely conformed with the GMP requirement.
Can Auber send samples to you for reference?[ 07-21 12:56 ]
Sure, we are glad to send some samples to you for reference of our products. For small quantities, we will offer samples with free of charge. Please advise your speedpost like DHL or FEDEX account numbers to us. Usually we’ll send out the samples within ...
How about product design?[ 07-21 12:55 ]
Our research and development teams will work along with customer service and designers to develop products following your artwork.
What kind of services Auber offers after order placed?[ 07-21 12:54 ]
Auber will take care of the orders from artwork until delivery. Auber will keep customers posted about the order status and keep close contact with customers.
What kind of products do you offer?[ 07-21 12:53 ]
Auber produces cosmetic tubes for cosmetics, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, industrial use, etc. Such as, Nozzle Tube, Lip gloss/balm tube, Round skincare tube /Oval skincare tube, Labeling tube, pump tube, and Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tubes.
Does Auber print the tubes before making the tubes?[ 07-09 16:51 ]
For the plastic tube, the printing is processed after making the tubes. For the aluminum plastic tube, the printing is processed before making the tubes, because the printing is on the plate material.
Why Auber tubes are with good quality?[ 07-09 16:50 ]
The raw materials of our tubes are all imported from overseas and they are passed with security certificates. We have IPQC for all materials. Every process is under periodic inspection and routing inspection. We have different strict function test based on di...
Why Auber is professional in the cosmetic tube field?[ 07-09 16:48 ]
We are professional in plastic tube industry for more than 10 years and ONLY focus on cosmetic tubes. We have professional engineering team, most of them are in this field for more than 14 years. We pay great attention to the customer service satisfaction. Th...
What's Auber tube's lead time?[ 07-09 16:45 ]
Our products lead time is 25-30 working days after we receive customer approval sample and deposit.
What is Auber factory capacity?[ 07-09 16:44 ]
Our factory is 20,000M2 area with 250 staff and 6 production lines. We produce 80 million sets of tubes per year. Our raw materials and machines are 100% imported.
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