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Why the demand for tube packaging is increasing in UK?[ 12-15 21:00 ]
The largest market share for tube packaging is in Europe, and UK is considered as a dominate country in this region.
Avete notato la piccola striscia alla fine del tubo cosmetici?[ 12-12 21:00 ]
Avete notato la piccola striscia alla fine del tubo cosmetici?
Global Forecast of Tube Packaging market to 2021[ 12-08 21:00 ]
A report regarding global forecast of tube packaging market to 2021 have been released.
Usos de embalaje de tubos de plástico[ 12-05 21:00 ]
?Qué tipo de cosméticos se pueden utilizar con embalaje de tubos de plástico? A continuación se presenta una breve introducción basada en diferentes materiales.
Seminar about Packaging Innovations[ 12-01 21:00 ]
A seminar about packaging innovations will be held in 2018, New York.
Gemeinsames Kosmetikrohrmaterial[ 11-28 21:00 ]
Sie werden haupts?chlich durch weiche kosmetikrohre verpackt. Aber warst du jemals daran interessiert, was ihr Material ist?
A research about Chinese cosmetic packaging[ 11-24 21:00 ]
As the demand of cosmetic packaging in China is growing, the scale of packaging market is expanding.
Conseils aux consommateurs pour la gestion des emballages de beauté[ 11-21 21:00 ]
emballage des produits de beauté devrait également être considéré. Mais pour la durabilité, les consommateurs participeront également à l'action.
The popularity of wood texture cap in skin care plastic tube[ 11-17 21:00 ]
In order to attract the consumers, skin care plastic tube manufacturers make tube packaging special and glamorous
Пункт продажи: утилизация упаковки косметики[ 11-14 21:00 ]
Использование экологически чистая упаковка может носить этический характер и говорить о торговых точках к косметическому бренду в наши дни.
Do you notice the small strip at the end of the cosmetics tube?[ 11-10 21:00 ]
Do you notice the small strip at the end of the cosmetics tube?
Iniziare a rendere l'imballaggio della pelle cura eco-friendly[ 11-07 21:00 ]
Molto famoso marchio cosmetico inizia ad essere eco-friendly adesso, sostenendo che ridurre l'imballaggio e volantini, formula naturale e inchiostro di stampa.
Usages of plastic tube packaging[ 11-03 21:00 ]
What kind of cosmetics can be used with plastic tube packaging? Below is a brief introduction based on different material?
è tempo di rivalutare l'imballaggio per i prodotti anti-invecchiamento[ 10-31 21:00 ]
Bottiglie o barattoli, sono tradizionali tra imballaggi per prodotti antinvecchiamento.
Common cosmetic tube material[ 10-27 21:00 ]
They are mainly packed by soft cosmetics tubes. But were you ever interested in what their material is?
Encuesta enviando un peque?o paquete de cosméticos[ 10-24 21:00 ]
?Alguna vez pensaste en hacer una encuesta enviando un paquete peque?o de cosméticos?
Tips to consumers for handling beauty packaging[ 10-20 21:00 ]
The beauty products packaging should also be considered. But to sustainability, consumers would also take part in the action.
Исследование о упаковке китайского косметического рынка[ 10-17 21:00 ]
Это отчет, посвященный китайской косметическая упаковка с разных сторон. Аспекты включают материалы, типы контейнеров, обычаи, а также компании.
Selling point: recycle packaging of cosmetics[ 10-13 21:00 ]
Using eco-friendly packaging could be ethical and a talking sales point to a cosmetic brand nowadays.
La direzione dello sviluppo del mercato cosmetico[ 10-10 21:00 ]
L'ultima volta che abbiamo parlato della direzione dello sviluppo cosmetico, oggi andremo a condividere un'indagine sul mercato dei imballaggi cosmetici
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