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Prices from an experienced cosmetic tubes vendor may not the lowest because of …[ 05-24 11:05 ]
We have a lot of long-term customers. They told us, your prices for cosmetic tubes were not the lowest, but we finally chose you.
What’s your suggestion to name this kind of cosmetic tubes[ 05-23 15:38 ]
The shiniest and most expensive material now we are using in?cosmetic tubes is the one as below picture.
PE skincare plastic tube VS PP tube[ 05-10 14:30 ]
Recently we got some new customers which want to change their in mold label PP tubes to PE skincare plastic tube.
Wooden texture caps on cosmetic tube[ 04-28 17:09 ]
As a cosmetic tube manufacturer with more than 13 years experience, we not only make all kinds of tubes, but also even make new inventions in caps each month.
Surface treating for plastic squeeze tube packaging[ 04-12 16:40 ]
“Can you please confirm that you do not use corona treatment on plastic squeeze tube packaging? filler can only crimp flame treated tubes. ”
Bamboo grain cap for skincare plastic tube packaging[ 03-29 22:52 ]
Recently one of my customers is asking me about bamboo cap for skincare plastic tube packaging.
Do you really like metallic flip top cap?[ 03-22 22:36 ]
As we all know, shapes of most of cosmetic tubes packaging are neither round nor oval, look like very similar if their printing are not attractive enough.
Confused? Let’s learn the differences between the laminated tubes[ 03-16 22:00 ]
Recently laminated tubes are becoming more and more popular due to their better printing effect and other outstanding properties. There are many types of laminated tubes.
Come rendere la stampa su imballaggio tubo estruso molto vivaci?[ 02-09 11:55 ]
Con l'avvento del 2017, Auber ha il dono di un grande nuovo anno per voi. Che cos'è? --- Stampa piatto digitale sulla imballaggio tubo estruso!
How to make the printing on extruded tube packaging very vivid?[ 01-18 11:55 ]
With the coming of the year 2017, Auber has a big New Year's gift for you. What is it? --- Digital plate printing on extruded tube packaging!
Advice for artwork design based on offset printing for Plastic Squeeze Tube Packaging[ 01-12 14:55 ]
1.Extruded tube printing transfers ink to Plastic Squeeze Tube by wet pressure wet method, it can only overprint but can not fall on style printing, so when designing the artwork, try to use Pantone color as possible to avoid the use of stacked color printing process .
Blessing for Chinese Spring Festival from Auber Packaging( advanced cosmetic tubes vendor)[ 01-11 10:55 ]
Hereby, pls kindly allow Auber Packaging( advanced cosmetic tubes vendor) to extend to you and your families all our best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity in this reunion festival.
May you have a great Christmas! AUBER professional cosmetic tubes vendor[ 12-09 17:55 ]
Warm hearted wishes for an old fashioned Christmas and a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things. Auber packaging may the force be with you.
Tube compte-gouttes pour cosmétique[ 11-29 14:00 ]
Il est temps de changer. Avons-nous travaillé sur ce tube de compte-gouttes parfait pour travail tube compte-gouttes pour cosmétique.It est un compte-gouttes et la bouteille 2 en 1 tube.
Dropper tube for cosmetic[ 11-17 17:00 ]
It's time to change. We have worked out this perfect dropper tube for cosmetic working like a dropper.It's a dropper and bottle 2 in 1 tube.
Harmful Substances in cosmetic package[ 11-01 09:34 ]
Currently more and more people pay attention to cosmetics packaging and safety when people buy cosmetics, despite of efficacy, brand, price.
Cómo Tubos ABL Impreso en la línea de producción[ 10-31 09:34 ]
Este tubo es un tubo laminado de alta brillante que compramos lámina de material con ciertos tama?os, imprimir primero, y luego soldadas en tubos, y comenzamos las Posteriormente pasos. Que es diferente de los procedimientos de producción de tubos de PE.
Denken Sie als Ihre Verbraucher - W?hlen Sie die kosmetische Verpackung mit besserer Barriere-Effekt (2)[ 10-14 09:34 ]
Vorher: Ich m?chte herausfinden, warum Kosmetik verpackt mit Skincare Plastikr?hrchen (Kurz gesagt, ich würde es Tube unten) l?nger als die in Jar (Jar kurz).
Various airless pump tubes to match with your products[ 10-12 09:34 ]
Recently a lot of customers are inquiring airless pump tubes. Yeah, it's very good for packing goods in high end.
Denken Sie wie Ihre Kunden - W?hlen Kosmetikverpackungen mit besserer Barrierewirkung (1)[ 10-10 09:34 ]
Als Dame, verwende ich viele verschiedene Arten von Kosmetika zur gleichen Zeit, einige von ihnen mit Hautpflege -Plastikr?hrchen verpackt, einige von ihnen mit Flaschen verpackt und teilweise mit Glas verpackt.
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