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2016 National Day Holiday is coming-Auber cosmetic tubes factory[ 09-30 09:34 ]
Our office is closed during 1 ~ 7 Oct., 2016 due to National Day Holiday in China.
Die ABL Rohr wird nicht durchgebrannt ![ 09-29 09:34 ]
In diesen Tagen einige Kunden fragen, um weitere Einzelheiten der Unterschied zwischen den Rohr Arten, wie ABL, PBL und hochgl?nzend Laminattuben .
Desastre? cuando Eye-símbolo cumple área de impresión grande en tubos de plástico de cuidado de la piel (2)[ 09-18 09:34 ]
Al cabo de unos meses, cuando el cliente ya ha recibido los tubos cosméticos y los envió a su fábrica de llenado para el llenado y sellado. Desastres venía ......
Outstanding Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube with CMYK Printing[ 09-17 10:05 ]
Recently, metal squeeze tube (also called as aluminum plastic laminated tube) are very popular around the world.
2016 Mid-Autumn Festival and Auber Activities[ 09-14 09:34 ]
In 2016, there are only 1month of difference between the solar calendar and lunar calendar , thus, on 15 Sept.,2016, the Chinese traditional lunar festival, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.
Desastre? cuando Eye-símbolo cumple área de impresión grande en tubos de plástico de cuidado de la piel (1)[ 09-12 11:34 ]
Uno de mi cliente francés colocaron los 5 artículos nuevos tubos de plástico cuidado de la piel orden a nosotros. Pero cuando llegamos a las obras de arte, encontramos un problema que la marca visual y una gran área de impresión de posición estaban en el mismo nivel.
Kosmetische Rohre mit Octagonal Caps[ 08-17 15:13 ]
Nach unseren statistischen Daten, mehr als 40% der Metall Quetschtube (auch genannt als Aluminium-Kunststoff-Rohre laminiert) wurden mit einer Art von speziellen Kappe passen. Das ist Octagonal Cap.
Airless Pump Tubes Keep Your Skin Care Products away from Pollution[ 07-23 15:09 ]
How to protect our skin care products from contamination? It is very simple as long as we select products in airless pump tube packaging.
Tube cosmétique avec Concave Cap Brevet[ 07-18 11:56 ]
Les bonnes nouvelles sont toujours la peine pour le partage, non? Il est passionnant que Auber a développé un nouveau produit breveté, le Tube cosmétique avec Concave Cap brevet.
tubes-la brosse emballage unique pour les produits de maquillage[ 07-11 14:09 ]
Tube cosmétique d'Auber avec la tête de brosse est très populaire maintenant pour les soins de beauté et des produits de maquillage. Nous achetons les brosses du meilleur fournisseur de qualité en Chine.
Brush tubes—the unique packaging for make-up products[ 07-07 14:12 ]
Auber’s cosmetic tube with brush head is very popular now for beauty care and make-up products. We purchase the brushes from the best quality supplier in China.
Which Design of Lip Gloss Packaging could Bring You the Best Effect for Makeup?[ 06-18 14:00 ]
which design of lip gloss packaging could bring you the best effect when smearing lipgloss?
Cosmetic Tube with Patent Concave Cap[ 06-14 14:08 ]
Good news is always worth for sharing, isn’t it? It is exciting that Auber has developed a PATENTED new product, the Cosmetic Tube with Patent Concave Cap. This kind of tube could be made as any kind of round shape tube, for examples, mono-layer, 5-layer, ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tube), PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminated Tube) tube, etc. And the most special place of it is the unique Concave Cap.
Auber(Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer)Dragon Boat Festival Intro[ 06-06 15:12 ]
A tradition Festival is coming in China, Dragon Boat Festival, it is called one of the most important festivals in China. Here Auber (cosmetic tube manufacturer) is happy to introduce it with our ancient cultures. And it will be the great pleasure if you had chance to join this activity.
Announcement: These two people are not staff of AUBER[ 05-31 17:11 ]
Recently, we found there are two people as those on the picture, 毛海波 and 吴创鑫,created their own profile in Linkedin under the company name of Auber Packaging Co., Ltd. However we, Auber Packaging Co., Ltd. here to certify that we don't know them and don't have the position of 融资经理 at all.
The success of makeup field[ 04-09 16:35 ]
Small size products allow to target different buyers, which are less loyal to brands and are looking for new products
Auber is Certified by ISO9001 in Cosmetic Tube Packaging Industry[ 03-19 13:56 ]
Auber is Certified by ISO9001 in Cosmetic Tube Packaging Industry
Happy Lantern Festival! Auber (professional manufacturer of cosmetic tubes) has had an impressive party.[ 02-25 15:09 ]
Happy Lantern Festival!
The Spring Festival Blessing From Auber Packaging(Manufacturer of Metal Cosmetic Tubes)[ 02-05 10:00 ]
Hoping all of us will have a wealthy year.
Hello,2016!-Auber will do better in cosmetic tubes industry[ 01-23 14:23 ]
Last week, we had a Year-end dinner and New Year celebration of 2016.
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