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The introduction of Plastic Laminated Tube[ 09-02 15:55 ]
Plastic Laminated Tube is a completely new product, though the material (PE) is the same as the traditional plastic squeeze tube, it has two obvious advantages
Despegar Brillo de Labios[ 08-25 12:03 ]
?Cuál es el producto de maquillaje más popular ahora? Debe ser la cáscara de brillo de labios por supuesto .Se ha sido caliente y convertirse en el favorito de las damas de la moda desde 2014 cuando se inventó. Y para proteger el brillo de labios, así, de aluminio laminado de tubo debe ser la primera opción.
Peel Off Lip Gloss and Aluminum Laminated Tube[ 08-24 17:25 ]
What is the most popular makeup product now? It should be the peel off lip gloss for sure .It has been hot and become the favorite of fashion ladies since 2014 when invented. And to protect the lip gloss well, Aluminum Laminated Tube should be the first choice.
The Production Process For The Cosmetic Packaging[ 08-22 07:38 ]
Cosmetic Packaging  As for the cosmetic packaging,there are many process you can't ignore because it will still confused you all the time if you don't take time to understand it. So the following tips you got will help the manufacturers and cosmetic co...
La tendance de la Cosmetic Packaging dans cet état de l'exportation[ 08-17 22:52 ]
Avant 2008, tous les acteurs économiques se sont bien déroulées et que personne ne peut prédire ce qu'il est serait détruite bient?t. Alors, les gens inventent toujours de l'argent pour le projet de développement élevé pour obtenir plus d'argent et de hasard. A ce moment, tout le développement de l'emballage cosmétique étaient également parfait .Mais maintenant il est très difficile de le faire.
Cosmetic Tube- Technology Introduction 2015[ 08-17 14:46 ]
This video will introduce the entire production process of Cosmetic Tube Packaging. Showing you the latest production process and technology.
The Trend Of Cosmetic Packaging In This Export Status[ 08-15 07:29 ]
Cosmetic packaging Before 2008,all the economic went smoothly and nobody can predict that it is would be destroyed soon. So people still invent the money to the high development project to get more money and chance. At that moment ,all the development of th...
How Is Pearled Tube For Cosmetics Packaging[ 08-08 07:20 ]
Cosmetics Packaging Pearled tube is one kind of the cosmetics packaging. It is said from the different material.Actually, how this tube be done? People just add some Pearled material into the white PE tube,and then mix the material to produce the product. ...
Bright Shiny Sheet Tube[ 08-05 11:43 ]
Nowadays, Cosmetic tube becomes more shiny and attractive.
Have You Ever Got The Suggestion For Oval Cosmetic Tube?[ 08-01 07:09 ]
Oval Cosmetic Tube There are differences between the round and oval tube for their production procedures. Thus, today people would prefer to discuss about the question they met in the communication for the oval cosmetic tube. Dry conditions including dryin...
Factores esenciales de la impresión para el aluminio Cosmética Tubos[ 07-28 16:46 ]
Durante el proceso de impresión gráfica, elegir qué tipo de medios de impresión es un paso muy importante para la impresión de cosmética de aluminio tubes.Auctually, necesitamos tener una visión básica de los medios de impresión debido a que el efecto de la impresión del producto terminado y el costo sería afectar a la imprenta.
Essential Factors Of The Printing For Aluminum Cosmetic Tubes[ 07-25 04:55 ]
Choose which type of printing media is very crucial step for the printing of aluminum cosmetic tubes.Auctually,we need to have a basic view for the printing media because the printing effect of the finished product and the cost would affect the the printing.
You Know The Requirement Of The Tube Bar code For Cosmetic Packaging[ 07-18 06:55 ]
Round Cosmetic Packaging General speaking ,all the detials for the tube should be consider into the communication when you place an order to the manufacturers.Usually,there are lots of things should pay attention to it.And the tube bar code for cosmetic pac...
The advantage and usage of Aluminum Plastic Tube[ 07-14 15:43 ]
Aluminum Plastic Tube has obvious product superiority for its special texture ,structure and welded pipe method.
Revolution For Traditional Offset Printing Of Cosmetic Packaging[ 07-11 06:38 ]
Plastic tube packaging Recently, almost all the suppliers are now packaging cosmetic cream with the plastic tube packaging. As for the offset printing ,most of the manufacturers cannot follow up the step of the new offset printing technique .Thus it is very...
Why the plastic tube packaging market see a growth[ 07-04 04:42 ]
Pastic tube packaging The versatility and the ease of the use are the key element that make the plastic tube packaging can stand such a long life circle and it is even seeing growth these years. As the simplest tube to fill, plastic tube packaging is suitab...
The challenges of start-up Cosmetics Packaging Entrepreneurs[ 06-27 04:24 ]
For the new cosmetics packaging entreprneurs,the challenges has extended from manufacturering to marketing and client relationship managerment,crossing the whole supplier chain.
Perfect Storm Of Cosmetic Tube Industry[ 06-20 04:12 ]
  Round Cosmetic Tube  With serious pollution influencing our daily life, there are more and more eco-friendly people calling for eco-friendly products. As for the packaging, people want greener tube packaging for skincare products. On the other ha...
Seven tips to ensure success of cosmetics packaging[ 06-13 03:53 ]
  Glossy Plastic Cosmetics Packaging 1. Foster Brand Recognition: Design a different, recognizable and meaningful set of visual equities. By using the color,the shape and the graphic elements, creating a brand recognition for cosmetics packaging is no...
Spotlight on cosmetics packaging market in China[ 06-06 04:05 ]
Cosmetics Packaging For Men Chinese consumer confidence decline in 2008 after the economic slowdown. However, we can still expect from the cosmetics packaging as the Chinese government stimulus package announced to boost the consumption in November,2008.And...
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