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Naturally Green Cosmetics Packaging[ 04-18 01:34 ]
Naturally Green Cosmetics Packaging Apart from the convenience, hygiene and efficiency that provided by the aerosols, one kind of the cosmetics packaging, people nowadays are paying more attention to the material and the processing procedure of the cosmetic...
Lip Service from China cosmetic packaging suppliers[ 04-11 01:30 ]
China cosmetic packaging From small round plastic pots to upscale metalized tubes, China cosmetic packaging suppliers have helped brands to promote lip care product and the lip decor product to a new status as a life style accessories. Packaging That Plump...
Insight Of Technology For Cap Of Cosmetic Packaging[ 04-07 07:46 ]
  Each tube have its own cap to match it .How many kind of cap manufacturer can do ,what kind of the cap effect in the cosmetic packaging area. What's people 's idea for the cap effect for the cosmetic packaging . General speaking, there are two kind of...
Four major trends of cosmetic packaging[ 04-05 03:09 ]
Cosmetic packaging  For the market of cosmetic packaging, there are four major trends about the label that we should have a glance and then keep in mind. The first is a push from other printing processes toward digital printing. Another trend is the...
Lip Gloss Tube Packaging Heat Up[ 04-04 01:11 ]
Lip Gloss Tube Packaging No matter the single tube or the latest tube-within-a-tube,more lip care products use more tube packaging now,which is widly used in the skincare lotion or facial cleansing cream.The tube-within-a-tube is fresh to lots of customers ...
Latest news for cosmetic packaging and green formulations[ 03-28 16:15 ]
cosmetic packaging Held in Paris on 21-23rd October, a three day event has shown the industry best-practices and highlighted the important area. Cosmetics packaging supplier can take it for reference to adopt cream formulations and reduce packaging impacts,...
A new series of products have been launched in our website[ 03-27 09:43 ]
This time, we launch professional and fabulous Lip Gloss Tube, Round Tube, Oval Tube, Labeling Tube, Aluminum Tube and Pump Tube.
Japan is the biggest consumer of the skin care tube packaging[ 03-21 16:08 ]
Asian consumers are very particular with the design and the quality of tube packaging.And with the Koren tide sweeping all around the world,the choice for skin care tube packaging can depend on what the stars use,too.So there are many elements affecting the product concept and design,and something unique can help to occupy the market share.
Green Plastic Tube Packaging[ 03-14 16:00 ]
Plastic Tube Packaging Plastic tube packaging are generally lightweight. And the benefit of this is twofold—for the budget and for the environment. Walking through the aisles where plastic tube packaging are in abundance, a distinct green advantage i...
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(7)[ 03-12 07:55 ]
We know that men today are embracing their caring roles more than ever , this inspired cosmetic packaging company to take high quality packaging seriously.
Gateway to Asian Cosmetics Market[ 03-07 15:48 ]
With the changing demographics, increasing living standards and growing interest in beauty, skincare and make-up, we saw an explosion in the cosmetic market in Asia. The increase can be seen in Japan, China, Malaysia and Korea as there is a huge amount of virg...
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(6)[ 03-05 13:50 ]
This squeezable eco tube is very suitable for environmental friendly product .Most importantly, it cater to the most of consumers who prefer peaceful color.
Auber Packaging Co., Ltd is opened again![ 03-02 10:16 ]
Auber Packaging Co., Ltd is opened again now after a "long" CNY holiday!
Customers prefer smaller cosmetics packaging for sun care product[ 02-28 15:36 ]
Cosmetics packaging for sun care product The demand for sun care product is still soaring in the past year because of the strong performance of the leading researchers and the female consumers' continuous pursuit of all-round and anti-aging effects, to...
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(5)[ 02-28 03:55 ]
Today, I will recommend another hot sale item about lip gloss tube to you which ranked as Top 10 most popular commodities during these year in our business.
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(4)[ 02-24 06:25 ]
This packaging printing theme is a Bishoujo Control which cater to the psychology of young girls , beautiful and Youthful. It also spread your energetic brand spirit efficiently.
Customer Interest in Eco-friendly Beauty Tube Packaging[ 02-21 15:20 ]
Supplier of cosmetics packaging said they have received lots of inquiries about the eco-friendly beauty tube packaging nowdays.
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(3)[ 02-15 06:19 ]
This BB Cream tube packaging is ranking at the top product list these year combining with the benefit of aluminum tube and the flexibility of plastic.
Cosmetic tube packaging is more critical[ 02-14 15:10 ]
Cosmetic Package is a critical parameter that decides whether a customer will buy the cosmetics. Especially, sales associates can not always describe the product features.
Auber's office is closed for CNY holiday[ 02-13 02:37 ]
To celebrate the Chinese New Year,Auber's office will be during Feb. 14~25, 2015. No orders will be shipped out during the holiday. Should you need any assistance for your orders, please email, We will contact you as soon as possible.
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