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Auber Packaging Co., Ltd is opened again![ 03-02 10:16 ]
Auber Packaging Co., Ltd is opened again now after a "long" CNY holiday!
Customers prefer smaller cosmetics packaging for sun care product[ 02-28 15:36 ]
Cosmetics packaging for sun care product The demand for sun care product is still soaring in the past year because of the strong performance of the leading researchers and the female consumers' continuous pursuit of all-round and anti-aging effects, to...
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(5)[ 02-28 03:55 ]
Today, I will recommend another hot sale item about lip gloss tube to you which ranked as Top 10 most popular commodities during these year in our business.
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(4)[ 02-24 06:25 ]
This packaging printing theme is a Bishoujo Control which cater to the psychology of young girls , beautiful and Youthful. It also spread your energetic brand spirit efficiently.
Customer Interest in Eco-friendly Beauty Tube Packaging[ 02-21 15:20 ]
Supplier of cosmetics packaging said they have received lots of inquiries about the eco-friendly beauty tube packaging nowdays.
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(3)[ 02-15 06:19 ]
This BB Cream tube packaging is ranking at the top product list these year combining with the benefit of aluminum tube and the flexibility of plastic.
Cosmetic tube packaging is more critical[ 02-14 15:10 ]
Cosmetic Package is a critical parameter that decides whether a customer will buy the cosmetics. Especially, sales associates can not always describe the product features.
Auber's office is closed for CNY holiday[ 02-13 02:37 ]
To celebrate the Chinese New Year,Auber's office will be during Feb. 14~25, 2015. No orders will be shipped out during the holiday. Should you need any assistance for your orders, please email, We will contact you as soon as possible.
Cosmetic Package New Delivery Systems[ 02-07 15:03 ]
Nowadays, the "high end" cosmetics usually have interesting and different cosmetic package, and also have innovative delivery system.
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(2)[ 02-06 11:13 ]
you may easily find that, when someone wants to buy a new lip gloss product in the shopping mall, packaging plays an very important role. Attractive appearance products sale better than the common one.
How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging When You Are a Beginner(1)[ 02-02 16:15 ]
As a beginner in Cosmetics field, there will be severe problems facing how to choose the RIGHT cosmetic packaging for their products. Let's see how we can help you. This is the first article we'd like to share.
3 Top tides of cosmetic packaging in North and South America[ 01-31 14:48 ]
We should expect new requirement for the cosmetics packaging through advanced skincare technology development.
Cosmetic Tubes Tide[ 01-31 13:47 ]
Cosmetic Tubes It could have surprised some people that the oral care application dominates the world market for the cosmetic tubes production. According to Karine Dussimon,a senior packaging analyst at the market research company Euromonitor International,...
Cosmetic Tubes Lead Packaging Choice[ 01-24 14:07 ]
Cosmetic Tubes The competition in the cosmetic tube market is fierce and companies are trying their best to stand out. Conducting innovation and being responsible are two important parts. From mass to prestige, now some of them are growing up and becoming o...
The Innovation of cosmetic tube packaging[ 01-12 10:00 ]
Cosmetic tube packaging When it comes to cosmetic packaging innovation, it include cosmetic tube packages, formulations and delivery systems. As for the details, what we can see now in the market such as battery-operated mascaras, lip balm that changes colo...
How To Decorate Your Cosmetic Tube Packaging[ 01-11 10:11 ]
Cosmetic Tube Packaging  Metalized caps,label and hot stamping can get better display effects for cosmetic tube than usual graphics design.Especially,the matalized effect make product look more luxury. Why go through the effort of hot stamping plastic...
Customer interest in green cosmetic tube packaging[ 01-10 09:58 ]
green cosmetic tube packaging Decades ago,people have really better environment than that today because there is nearly no pollution then.Nowadays,people are in pursuit of green product."50-75% customers want products that are natural/organic/green cos...
Flexible Design For Cosmetics Packaging[ 01-09 09:47 ]
Aiming to create a brush-formula cosmetics packaging for applications of numbers of colored cosmetics. Dupont,the chemical giant, has been in corporation with Strand Cosmetics Packaging Europe. Dupont Cosmetic Solutions, the groups dedicated cosmetic packagin...
Top Cosmetic Tube Packaging Trends[ 01-08 10:34 ]
Cosmetic Tube Packaging Even if the suppliers of cosmetic tube packaging are making efforts to meet the requirement of the cosmetics and beauty companies,the customers will never stop asking for better.So the decoration techniques still on the developing ...
Auber Packaging team joined the Mini Marathon on Dec.20,2014[ 01-06 16:20 ]
Guangzhou,Dec.20,2014-some staff, with their family of Auber Packaging took part in the 6.3km mini marathon.Jordom won the Champion!
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