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Start to make the skin care packaging eco-friendly[ 10-06 21:00 ]
Much famous cosmetic brand starts to be eco-friendly right now, claiming that lessen packaging and leaflets, natural formula and printing ink.
La direction du développement du marché des cosmétiques[ 10-03 21:00 ]
Avec le développement de la société et la diversité croissante de la vie, les tubes cosmétiques sont de plus en plus compétitifs dans le marché des emballages cosmétiques.
It’s time to re-evaluate the packaging for anti-aging products[ 09-29 21:00 ]
Bottles or jars, are traditional among packaging for anti-aging products.
Machen Sie Pl?ne für KosmetikVerpackungen mit Daten[ 09-26 21:00 ]
KosmetikVerpackungen sind überall im t?glichen Leben zu sehen.Ein Grund
Survey by sending small cosmetic trail pack[ 09-22 21:00 ]
Do you ever think to make a survey by sending small cosmetic trail pack?
?Qué es lo que impide que la marca de belleza sea ecológica?[ 09-19 21:00 ]
Muchas personas dijeron que los embalaje de belleza que no son reutilizables traerían da?o a la tierra.
A research about Chinese cosmetic market packaging[ 09-15 21:00 ]
This is a report studying the Chinese cosmetic packaging from different aspects. Aspects include materials, containers type, usages and also companies.
Was ist die Definition von nachhaltiger Verpackung ?[ 09-12 21:00 ]
Eine Frage, k?nnen Sie auflisten, was die Verpackung nachhaltig machen wird? Vielleicht finden Sie viele erdfreundliche Faktoren k?nnte nachhaltig sein.
The direction of the development of cosmetics market (2)[ 09-08 21:00 ]
Last time we talked about the direction of cosmetic development, today we're going to share a cosmetic packaging market survey.
Une tendance à emballage écologique dans l'industrie de la beauté[ 09-05 21:00 ]
La dernière tendance dans l'industrie de la beauté ne concerne plus le masque, le gel anti-age, les couleurs des lèvres, maintenant, il s'agit de sauver la Terre.
The direction of the development of cosmetics market (1)[ 09-01 21:00 ]
With the development of society and the increasing diversity of life, cosmetic tubes are becoming more and more competitive in cosmetic packaging market.
Упаковка упаковка сжимающей трубки растет[ 08-29 21:00 ]
Люди сказали, что упаковка сжимающей трубки быстро растет из-за ниже двух причин.
Make plans for cosmetic packaging with data[ 08-25 21:00 ]
Cosmetic packaging can be seen everywhere in daily life.
La caratteristica dell Imballaggio tubi di spremitura[ 08-22 21:00 ]
La maggior parte dei tubi di spremitura di plastica sono fatti con forma rotonda, ma qualche volta, i clienti preferiscono renderlo ovale / piatto (soprattutto per la base BB / CC / Liquid).
What is the definition of sustainable packaging?[ 08-11 21:00 ]
One question, can you list up what will make packaging sustainable? You may find many earth-friendly factors could be sustainable.
An eco-friendly packaging trend in beauty industry[ 08-04 21:00 ]
The latest trend in beauty industry is not about the mask, anti-aging gel, lip colors any more, now it about saving the earth.
Squeeze tube packaging is growing fast[ 07-28 21:00 ]
People said the squeeze tube packaging is speedy growing up because of below two reasons.
The overview of classification and types about squeezable tubes[ 07-28 21:00 ]
On the basis of applications, squeezable tubes can be classified onto cosmetic & personal care, Food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.
The characteristic of squeez tubes packaging[ 07-21 21:00 ]
Most of plastic squeeze tubes are made with round shape, but sometime, Customers like to make it oval /flat (especially for BB/ CC/ Liquid foundation).
An innovative new sustainability project about cosmetics packaging in beauty industry[ 07-21 21:00 ]
With the developments and changes of the era, now there's a lot of cosmetics agencies which will not only care about how to make good sale of products and how to seize people eyeball with the fashion cosmetics packaging.
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