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Consumers’ Requirements for Cosmetic Packaging[ 11-19 13:43 ]
Therefore, only when cosmetics companies fully understand the different needs of consumers for cosmetics packaging, can they produce items which customers are really satisfied with.
Le emballages à haut brillant tube pour les produits de beauté donne aux gens une expérience extraordinaire[ 11-17 16:46 ]
Fondation est la base pour le maquillage, et il est un membre essentiel parmi les produits de beauté. Selon l'enquête, nous avons trouvé la fondation avec des emballages à haut brillant tube est le plus accueilli par les consommateurs féminins.
Plastic Tube Packaging with Interstellar Collection[ 11-12 17:49 ]
In recent years, a Hollywood movie - "Star Wars" was highly praised by audiences. Therefore, a series of beauty products with planet theme plastic tube packaging appear in people's vision.
?Conoces la vida útil del tubo de plástico cosmético?[ 11-10 16:29 ]
Tubos de plástico de cosméticos se puede ver en todas partes en la vida, pero ?sabe usted su vida útil?
Un nouvel emballage des tubes cosmétiques reflète la culture indonésienne[ 11-09 09:41 ]
à l'heure actuelle, l'emballage des tubes cosmétiques n'est pas seulement pour protéger la qualité du produit, mais aussi pour répondre à la poursuite des gens de l'art.
A New Cosmetic Tube Packaging Reflects Indonesian Culture[ 11-05 17:41 ]
At present, cosmetic tube packaging is not only to protect the quality of the product but also to meet people’s pursuit of art.
Schwarz wird immer beliebter in Kunststoff Squeeze-R?hre Verpackung[ 11-01 17:37 ]
Schauen Sie zurück auf Sch?nheit Industrie, k?nnen wir finden, dass wei? ist gleichbedeutend mit Hautpflege Verpackung, weil Unternehmen immer versuchen, die Whitening-Wirksamkeit, um Menschen durch wei?e Kunststoff Squeeze-R?hre Verpackung zu vermitteln.
Black is becoming popular in Plastic Squeeze Tube Packaging[ 10-29 17:37 ]
Look back at beauty industry, we can find that white is synonymous with skin care packaging, because businesses always attempt to convey the whitening efficacy to people through white plastic squeeze tube packaging.
High Glossy Tube For Beauty Products Gives People Extraordinary Experience[ 10-22 16:46 ]
Foundation is the basic for makeup, and it is an essential member among beauty products.According to the survey, we found foundation with high glossy tube packaging is most welcomed by female consumer.
Est-ce que les gens veulent vraiment emballage de soins de la peau avec décoration haut de gamme?[ 10-17 14:38 ]
Quelles sont les tendances en développement peut être vu dans l'industrie de emballage de soins de la peau?
Do People Really Want Skincare Packaging with High-end Decoration?[ 10-15 16:38 ]
What developing trends can be seen in skincare packaging industry? Undoubtedly, skincare companies are increasingly fond of ‘putting on beautiful clothes’ for their products.
Do You Know the Shelf Life of Cosmetic Plastic Tube?[ 10-08 16:29 ]
Cosmetic plastic tubes can be seen everywhere in life, but do you know their shelf life?
Focus on Recyclable Cosmetics Tubes[ 10-01 16:15 ]
Sustainable packaging has become the focus in cosmetics packaging industry. Therefore, cosmetics packaging companies should be committed to developing environmental packaging technology.
The Advantages of Series Packaging[ 09-24 16:07 ]
There is a new trend in skincare tube packaging industry -- series packaging. How do series packages come? The reason is that it has following advantages.
Cosmetic Packaging should “Lose its Weight”[ 09-10 17:25 ]
With humans’ over pursuit of the external image of products, businesses pay too much emphasis on items’ surface decoration, which leads to a waste of resources.
Thème emballages en plastique de tube cosmétique - Laissez clients tombés en amour avec vos produits chez First Sight[ 09-06 09:19 ]
Donc, si vous voulez faire des consommateurs est tombé en amour avec vos produits cosmétiques à la première fois, vous devez payer plus d'attention à la perspective de votre emballages en plastique de tube cosmétique.
Theme Plastic Cosmetic Tube Packaging——Let Customers Fell in Love with Your Products at First Sight[ 09-03 17:19 ]
Things with good appearance could always catch the first attention from people.
Era "cara masculina" de Cuidado de la Piel Tubo Embalaje[ 08-30 16:53 ]
Hoy en día, muchos patrones de envases tubo de cuidado de la piel en el mercado son linda y elegante, que quieren conocerse búsqueda de cosas preciosas y hermosas "femeninos consumidores.
"Male Face" Era of Skincare Tube Packaging[ 08-27 16:53 ]
Nowadays, many patterns of skincare tube packaging in the market are cute and elegant, which want to meet female consumers’ pursuit of lovely and beautiful things.
Je mehr Naturkosmetik, desto mehr Anforderungen von kosmetischen Airless-Pumpenschlauch[ 08-26 16:13 ]
Vor kurzem sind die reinen Naturkosmetik mit kosmetischen Airless-Pumprohr stark von der ?ffentlichkeit begrü?t, weil der seiner natürlichsten Formel.
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