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iFLEX by OMET Changes Label Printig Forever[ 12-27 15:00 ]
OMET officially presents the new press iFLEX dedicated to label printing.
Christmas Blessing from Auber (Front Runner of Cosmetic Tube)[ 12-22 16:19 ]
Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful Christmas season.
How Can We Achieve Plastics Recycling Economically ?[ 12-20 14:41 ]
Companies exhibiting at the Plastics Recycling Expo (PRE) at the Telford International Centre will show the latest technology developed to lower their costs , reduce material contamination and save energy during production.
Announcing the new Sustainability Awards[ 12-12 15:32 ]
Packaging Europe opens entries to the first annual edition of Packaging Sustainability Awards.
Cosmetic Tubes with Octagonal Caps[ 12-08 15:13 ]
People are not only looking for the fancy and special shape of cosmetic tubes, but also the shape of their caps. According to our statistical data, more than 40% of Metal squeeze tube (also named as Aluminum Plastic laminated tubes) were matching with one kind of special cap. That is Octagonal Cap.
Kundenspezifische Trends in Richtung kosmetische Rohr Verpackung[ 12-08 11:37 ]
Lizenzverpackungslieferanten haben Einblick in die Verpackungstrends in der Branche aufgrund der Aktien kosmetische Rohr Verpackung beinhaltet Aufmerksamkeit auf Dekoration Detail.
Custom Trends Toward cosmetic tube packaging[ 12-05 03:57 ]
There is a resurgence in glass bottles and jars in cosmetic packaging for color and treatment products.
Diversification de l'emballage des produits cosmétiques (3)[ 12-01 14:49 ]
La société propose également une sorte de pierre ponce au tube d'extrémité comme avec emballage du tube, il est con?u pour adapter au pied et le coude d'utilisation, et a lancé un emballage de tube avec une raclette en caoutchouc à la fin.
Training lesson of new cosmetic tube products for new staff[ 11-30 10:55 ]
Recently, Auber have developed many news products, such as plastic laminated tube, mascara tube, lip gloss tube with silicon head, BB cream tube with foam head, etc. Today Juliette and the designer would explain how these new products were created.
Diversification of cosmetics packaging (3)[ 11-28 03:51 ]
Cosmetics packaging Recovery hopes Environmental issues on the cosmetic packaging is also becoming increasingly important. "We are currently the only company in production of post-consumer recycled tube company, and is working with Aveda, Burt's Bees...
Diversification of plastic squeeze tubes (2)[ 11-21 03:46 ]
Plastic squeeze tube Squeeze factor With the use of personal care products of plastic squeeze tubes, Avery Dennison is also seen rapid increase in demand for its pressure-sensitive labeling materials, Diane Ewanko marketing manager of the company's househ...
Cuidado de la Piel de embalaje tubo de conocer las posibilidades[ 11-17 17:34 ]
Con los consumidores pidiendo productos eco con fórmulas e ingredientes naturales, los requisitos para el envasado tubo vuelto más y convertirse en el estándar más alto. El embalaje del tubo debe satisfacer estas demandas específicas para aprovechar la oportunidad.
Skincare tube packaging meet chances[ 11-14 03:39 ]
Skincare tube packaging With the consumers asking for eco products with natural formulas and ingredients, the requirements for the tube packaging become more and the standard become higher. The tube packaging must satisfy these specific demand to seize the ...
Premium kosmetische Rohr Verpackung mit Metallmaterial[ 11-10 16:45 ]
Luxus ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil der kosmetischen Rohr Verpackung und direkt entscheiden, ob einige Verbraucher für sie. Die Nutzung der kostbaren metallischen schauenden Teile k?nnen sich den Luxus des Kosmetikpaket hinzuzufügen.
Premium cosmetic tube packaging using metal material[ 11-07 03:33 ]
Foil Metalized Tube Luxury is an important element of the cosmetic tube packaging and can directly decide whether some consumers will spend on it. The usage of precious metallic looking parts can add to the luxury of the cosmetic pack. Stainless steel not ...
Inicio del color cosmético Empaquetado Conversación[ 11-06 14:22 ]
Cada a?o, miles de millones de colores envasado Tubo cosmético se venden, teniendo una gran parte de los mercados de belleza y cosmética.
Starting the Color Cosmetic Tube Packaging Conversation[ 10-31 03:25 ]
Colored Cosmetic Tube Packaging Every year, billions of color cosmetic tube packaging are sold, taking a large part of the beauty and cosmetics markets. And the suppliers of cosmetics tube helping to capture the market by providing high quality package shou...
Verbessert das Kunststoffrohr Verpackung Dekoration[ 10-27 15:18 ]
Wir wissen, dass Kunststoffrohr Verpackung kann eine breite Palette von Dekorationstechnologien, die die Rohrmittel k?nnen viele Druckeffekt und Aussehen zeigen und schlie?lich in den Markenaufbau resultieren verwenden.
Silicone Head Lip Gloss Tube[ 10-26 15:24 ]
Auber is always concentrating on developing new designs in cosmetic tubes industry. Because we believe that Special makes you outstanding. Recently we would like to recommend a new product--Silicone Head Lip Gloss Tube.
Improved the Plastic Tube Packaging Decoration[ 10-24 03:21 ]
  We know that plastic tube packaging can use a wide range of decorating technologies, which means the tube can show plenty of printing effect and appearance and finally result in brand building. Offset printing is usually used in the decoration and it a...
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