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What’s your suggestion to name this kind of cosmetic tubes[ 05-23 15:38 ]
The shiniest and most expensive material now we are using in?cosmetic tubes is the one as below picture.
Cosmetic packaging art gala[ 05-20 10:09 ]
An annual gala will be held recently in Manhattan. This will be the 27th year this event held
Concealer-Verpackungen in Nordamerika werden den globalen Markt führen[ 05-16 15:20 ]
Ein schnelles Wachstum der Concealer-Verpackung wird voraussichtlich in Lateinamerika in der Prognoseperion erscheinen
Concealer packaging in North America will guid the global market[ 05-13 09:42 ]
A speedy growth of concealer packaging is expected to appear in Latin America in the forecast period.
PE skincare plastic tube VS PP tube[ 05-10 14:30 ]
Recently we got some new customers which want to change their in mold label PP tubes to PE skincare plastic tube.
Le crescenti esigenze di concealer portano una nuova tendenza all'imballaggio di bellezza[ 05-09 16:09 ]
La domanda mutevole dei consumatori per i prodotti per la cura della bellezza porta a una nuova tendenza al mercato globale di imballaggio di bellezza.
Increasing demands for concealer lead a new trend to beauty care packaging[ 05-05 17:50 ]
Consumers’ changing demand for beauty care products lead to a new trend to the global beauty care packaging market.
Los mercados de tubos cosméticos tendrán un alto crecimiento de 2017 a 2021[ 05-02 14:50 ]
Mercado de envasado de cosméticos es el mercado principal para el mercado de envases de tubo cosmético
Wooden texture caps on cosmetic tube[ 04-28 17:09 ]
As a cosmetic tube manufacturer with more than 13 years experience, we not only make all kinds of tubes, but also even make new inventions in caps each month.
Cosmetic tube markets will have a high grow from 2017 to 2021[ 04-26 17:09 ]
Cosmetic packaging market is the parent market for cosmetic tube packaging market.
Surface treating for plastic squeeze tube packaging[ 04-12 16:40 ]
“Can you please confirm that you do not use corona treatment on plastic squeeze tube packaging? filler can only crimp flame treated tubes. ”
Bamboo grain cap for skincare plastic tube packaging[ 03-29 22:52 ]
Recently one of my customers is asking me about bamboo cap for skincare plastic tube packaging.
Do you really like metallic flip top cap?[ 03-22 22:36 ]
As we all know, shapes of most of cosmetic tubes packaging are neither round nor oval, look like very similar if their printing are not attractive enough.
Confused? Let’s learn the differences between the laminated tubes[ 03-16 22:00 ]
Recently laminated tubes are becoming more and more popular due to their better printing effect and other outstanding properties. There are many types of laminated tubes.
Wie für kosmetische Verpackungen nachhaltige L?sung zu haben[ 03-08 15:22 ]
Heute Nachhaltigkeit der Mainstream in jeder Branche geworden ist, Kosmetik verpackungen ist keine Ausnahme, das ist ein sicherer und bequemer Lebensstil bringen kann, mittlerweile, und dies ist ein Gefühl der Verantwortung zu dieser Gesellschaft.
Cosmetic packaging with digital ink[ 03-04 23:50 ]
It is said that cosmetic buyers now could customize their message to the cosmetic packing.
Le marché des cosmétiques et des soins personnels était occupé par des emballages plastiques[ 02-28 16:00 ]
Les Emballage plastique (y compris les Tubes de compression en plastique, les bouteilles en plastique, etc.) sont devenus la première place des produits de soins personnels avec plus de 60% de parts de marché.
Tips for packing Makeup in the business trip[ 02-25 23:32 ]
This news is about sharing tips for choosing better carry-on makeups and the makeups packaging.
View a Cosmetic Packaging show[ 02-18 16:32 ]
One cosmetic packaging show held in UK recently, visitors been to the show were surprised to see the blooming and creation of this industry.
How to have sustainable solution in cosmetic packaging[ 02-11 16:22 ]
Today, sustainability has become the mainstream in each industry, cosmetic packaging is no exception, this can bring a safer and more convenient lifestyle
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