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** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (1)[ 05-19 14:13 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (1)
** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (2)[ 05-19 17:13 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (2)
Testimonials from David-- Auber PBL cosmetic tubes[ 03-01 11:05 ]
We were surprised that David decided to order the PBL tubes (All plastic laminated tubes) soon.
Never judge a customer by where he/she is from[ 02-15 15:05 ]
I have knew P for almost one year. At that time I was selling paper packaging tubes instead of plastic cosmetic tubes.
** Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (3)[ 04-09 14:23 ]
Clients Testimonials for Auber ---Cosmetic tubes factory (3)
BIG THANK YOU TO AUBER[ 04-03 14:38 ]
This month I receive a special letter of thanks from a customer. When open it, we're so excited and can't help shouting out!
Be professional, help clients solve problem! Auber—Tube packaging solutions supplier[ 05-17 09:17 ]
Last week, our cosmetic tubes workshop was going to start bulk printing for one of UK customers.
How to control the matte varnish of cosmetics tubes?[ 11-16 09:34 ]
As a QC working in a cosmetics tubes manufacturer, today I would like to share something about the varnish of cosmetic tubes.
Do you like such cosmetic tubes manufacturer like Auber?[ 11-09 09:34 ]
Sometimes we meet customers who are professional in cosmetic tubes packaging industry, while sometimes we also meet many freshmen.
How ABL Tubes Printed in production line[ 10-26 09:34 ]
This tube is an High Glossy Laminated Tube which we purchase material sheet with certain sizes, print first, then welded into tubes, and start the afterwards steps. Which is different from PE tubes production procedures.
Embarrassed! The foil seal of Skincare Plastic Tube is too tight![ 10-19 09:34 ]
He said the foil seal of the Skincare Plastic Tube was too difficult to peal off. So he had to give up as he was hurry to work in the morning.
Think as your consumers--Choose the Cosmetic Packaging with better barrier effect (2)[ 09-29 09:34 ]
Previously : I want to find out the reason why cosmetic packed with Personal care Tube Packaging( In short, I would call it Tube below) last longer than the one in Jar( Jar in short).
The ABL tube is not burned through![ 09-22 09:34 ]
These days some customers are asking for more details of the difference between the tube styles, like ABL, PBL, and high glossy laminated tubes. In order to offer the most accurate details to customers, we are thinking from any points might be caused differences.
Think as your consumers--Choose the Cosmetic Packaging with better barrier effect (1)[ 09-21 09:34 ]
Yeb, I am a staff of a Cosmetic Tubes Factory, but meanwhile I am also a consumer. As a lady, I use many different kinds of cosmetics at the same time, some of them packed with skincare plastic tubes, some of them packed with bottles, and some packed with jar.
Disaster? when Eye-mark meets large printing area on skincare plastic tubes(2)[ 09-15 09:34 ]
After a few months, when the customer got the cosmetic tubes and sent them to their filling factory for filling and sealing. Disaster was coming......
Disaster? when Eye-mark meets large printing area on skincare plastic tubes(1)[ 09-07 11:34 ]
One of My France customer who placed the 5 items new design skincare plastic tubes order to us. But when we got the artworks, we found a problem that the Eye-mark and large printing area position were in the same Level.
How far from dispointment to satisfaction in Cosmetic Tube industry---my experience with one customer in 2015[ 08-31 11:34 ]
After so many years of experience, sometimes new customer disappeard if our cosmetic tube price is not met or anything else is not meeting their demand.
Cosmetic Tube Heading, do you really know it?[ 08-21 11:34 ]
When you hear cosmetic tube heading, I think you will say:"Aha! Easy, put the material into the filler then heading by the machine.
How will you do when customer seems lost if you were cosmetic tubes sales[ 08-05 11:34 ]
A good cosmetic tubes sale will try the best to help clients solve all kinds of problems. Take myself for example, in the early of July, I lost connection with one of my customers from United Kingdom for several days.
Auber artwork issue about tube packaging[ 07-29 11:34 ]
Before I am working in cosmetic tube industry, I think it’s very simple as it looks just a little tube and no high technical parts. I guess most people have the same illusion as me.
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