Auber Culture

Our Mission

  •  To be the Professional Cosmetic Tube Solutions Supplier and Fashion Tube Creator
  •  To create value propositions for customers offering highest quality and price ratios
  •  To pursue excellence in product quality and customer services

Auber’s Services:

  •  Auber offers all kind of services throughout the supply chain of cosmetic tubes.
  •  Offer tube design, production, printing / labeling / hot-stamping, making orifice, foil seal / tail seal, assembling, delivery, etc.

Auber’s Customers:

  •  More than 100 customers all over the world created during the last 14years.
  •  Aiming to achieve more customers in the next 14years.

Auber’s R&D System:

  •  More than 14 years of R&D experiences.
  •  Strong at researching on different materials, styles, caps, and technology improvement of tubes.
  •  We have very strong modeling capability.
  •  Continuously creating innovative, highly consumable products in both current and expanding markets.

Auber’s Quality Control:

  •  Following ISO9001:2015 and GB/T 2828.1-2003 standard, Auber inspected each tube strictly during production.
  •  100% inspection will be carried out before packaging.
  •  Testings:

Extra 24H penetration testing to be carried out for 5 layer tubes.

Extra 0.5H bleaching colored testing to be carried out for colored tubes.

  •  Professional inspection report will be submit together with shipping documents.

Auber’s Delivery Control:

  • Short lead time.
  • Strict management throughout the procedures from sampling, ordering, production, inspection, loading until delivery.
  • Relevant professional teams closely connected on each step of order processing, technical supporting, inspection and shipment.

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