Tube types

Here we will introduce various or the latest tube packaging so that you could have some ideas for choosing the proper tubes for your cosmetic brands.

A new shaped tube for cosmetic, it’s square!
Round tube for cosmetic may normal, oval tube become hit a few years ago, and what’s new for now? Square tube maybe. We start to think about making some differences in tube shapes. Now we have it,a new square tube is launched!
Auber hand sanitizer tubes plastic packaging
In common, hand sanitizer will be packed in PET bottle, and some will be packed in plastic tubes for small capacity. But under the Coronavirus outbreak, the demand for hand sanitizer is increasing all over the world and they will be used up in a short time.
Plastic Laminated Tube-Product Show
Plastic Laminated Tube is a completely new product, though the material (PE) is the same as the traditional plastic squeeze tube, it is with the best CMYK printing and lower cost.
Comparison between ABL and aluminum tube
One client from Australia asked me that what packaging tubes Auber can supply to prevent the fragrance leaking from the soft tube packaging? My first suggestion is ABL tube ( Aluminum Barrier Laminated tube).Then the client asked the second question because they want their nature skincare products labeled with eco-friendly for better brand building, will it be recycled? It can be if there is the related and professional recycle company in their area.
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