Production process

Different tube types and designs will go with different production process. Let's check the detail videos to see the differences.

How to make tube packaging
Customers may know few about how tube packaging is made before visiting Auber’s factory. Before, they thought hundreds of tubes could be produced in several seconds easily. But after visiting, most of them felt surprised. Staff need to do many preparations before opening machines. And every process must be clear and efficient to ensure the quality.
Auber materials for laminated tubes
Tinna is going show something about laminated tube materials. The laminated tubes include plastic laminated tubes, aluminum laminated tubes, high glossy laminated tubes. And Auber can provide 6 types of materials for them, like white/ clear plastic laminated sheets, white/ silver aluminum lami sheets or white/ silver high glossy lami sheets.
Auber printing sector for laminated tubes
Let's follow Tinna to visit our printing sector for laminated tubes printing. Auber is able to print 8C offset/ CMYK printing on lami tubes which means the clients could design their tube packaging freely with the complex patterns. Moreover, the ink we are using are imported from Japan. Want to visit more sectors of Auber factory, what about booking a video chatting with us? 
Cosmetic Tube Technology Introduction
Let check the professional points for cosmetic tubes production. Auber packaging focused on squeeze tube packaging from 2004. 
The dust free QC area in Auber Packaging Factory
ALL of our cosmetic tubes are strictly inspected before delivery. Today let’s see the dust free quality control area in our factory. Eveyone going into this area should across the air shower room at first to keep the dust out. 
Laminated tubes silk screen printing
An old client just wanted to expand a new series of beauty products packed with lamitube. Even we have cooperated over 6 years, but we met some problems when discussing the artwork when design. The client thought he can design the artwork in the same method as his previous PE tube packaging. But actually the laminated tubes will be produced in different methods. The first step of lami tubes will be printing, while the first step of PE tube packaging is extruding. Mia will show you how we silk screen print the lami tubes in this video. Actually many clients will have similar questions when start to use lami tubes, just feel free to email us info@cosmetic-tube if you have also.
How does Auber ensure tube printing quality
Printing may one of the most important factors of packaging, its quality may effect how the consumers think of your products' quality. Thus, in Auber, we look highly of the printing. Many printing workers will be with 10 years experience and the ink is imported from Japen, moreover, we have a strict process for printing.