Oval high glossy tubes:

To make the plastic tube packaging into oval shape, we need second heading. But for the laminated tubes, we don't need it and it can save the production time. Here let's check the oval High Glossy Laminated Tube (some may name it as polyfoil tube). Its VMPET material with the best metallic finish brings the skin care products to be high-end and special. 

Auber can custom the lami tubes in different oval shapes and match them with different caps per the your designs & usages. 

Auber D19mm Dark Blue Super Flat High Glossy Tube for Concealer with Screw on Cap
Do you know how the thin the Super Flat High Glossy Tube will be? It will not be thicker than the finger. Thus, it will be suitable for lip balm, or ointment products and also popular for conclealer, liquid foundation due to the nozzle head of the tube. The basic color of the high glossy tube can be white or silver, this super flat high glossy tube is white, and we've printed a big area blue on it. 
Auber 50ml Purple Squeezable Cosmetic Tube With Screw Cap For BB Cream
The purple colors of the Squeezable Cosmetic Tube and its cap are quite consistent, right? Most of the clients would like to make the cap color same with the tube color, but as we all know, the material of the caps and tubes is different( especially the tube material is aluminum laminated sheet whose basic color is silver), how Auber make them similar? Normally we will full page print the HGL tube, then take its full page printing color as the reference to make the caps. 
Auber D25mm Oval Cosmetic Plastic Tube with Nozzle Plug and Screw On Cap
Our nozzle Cosmetic Plastic Tube can be divided into injected nozzle tube and separated nozzle tube. This nozzle tube is the separated nozzle tube, it fits for the thin cream or gel. Moreover its material is high glossy laminated sheet which with the best metal luster effect. The surface is glittering when waving the Cosmetic Plastic Tube, that's because we add the shinning reversal varnish on it.
D40mm oval HGL tube for face wash-Auber packaging
Today we will share an oval high glossy tube for face wash! It 'packs' the ocean and stars. How we make it so beautiful? We print it with the fantastic CMYK printing, and because it's HGL (high glossy lamianted) tube, it will natureally come with the metal feeling. Custom your own packaging tube with the stable manufacturer- Auber packaging.