Brush Tubes:

Brush tubes allow quantitative positioning extrusion, and they are suitable for 5-25 ml small capacity products. The soft brush are very comfortable when touching the consumers' lips, nail or skin which makes it become especially suitable for lip gloss, Lip cream, nail polish products. 

Moreover, Auber can custom different matching tubes & cap types per different usages and designs. 

Auber Some functional squeeze tubes
Nowadays, people's requirements for tube's packaging are getting higher and higher, so we need to improve ourselves all the day. So today, I would like to introduce some founctional tube, please see the video, there are some tubes can not only filling the cosmetic products but also can filling pharmaceutical products.
D16mm Cosmetic Tube with Brush Applicator for Nail Polish
Brush tubes in small sizes can control the doesage well, which will be suitable for the lip gloss, Lip cream, nail polish products, etc. The D16mm tube could be used from 5-15 ml small capacity products, it's easy to carry.  Auber can custom the brush tubes in different designs (materials, tube colors, decos etc.) so that you can create your own innovative packaging to match your brand. Auber packaging is an ISO certified OEM/ODM packaging manufacturer since 2004, each tube from Auber will be inspected before delivery.