Custom Shape Tubes:

The custom shape tubes are to the cosmetic tubes with custom tail shape which we can make it like a cat, butterfly, bear, orange, etc. Auber is the first packaging factory to custom the special tails for the cosmetic brands, now we have more than 33 skus optional, and we can do more per your design. 

Custom Shape Hand Cream Tubes Packaging manufacturers - Auber Packaging
Now we can see these lovely cosmetic tubes with custom seals anywhere, in other words, they are popular. 10 years ago, we are the first tube packaging manufacturer in China to develop the custom seals according to clients requirements. Once it was promoted, many other packaging factories come to us and asked for the tail mold for their packaging productions.We developed more than 30 moulds through the years. We are able to create the new mold to match the cosmetic brands character with the mature technology in a short time.To custom your beauty packaging, find Auber.Email: info@cosmetic-tube.comTel.: +86 20 38882580/18902250397.
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