Dual Chamber Tubes: 

At the beginning, we named the dual chamber tubes as tube in tube since we make it by putting a smaller squeeze tube into a bigger one, and the clients will prefer to call it dual chamber tubes because they can fill two different cream, gell or liquid into different chambers. In other words, the consumers can apply the cream with different funtions at the same time easily. And moreover, Auber packaging can make custom the shape of every drop. 

Auber D35mm Dual Chamber Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes with Blue Screw on Cap
The dual chamber tube is hot from 2020 till now, and we can see many hair care products are using the dual chamber tubes in the super market. Moreover, they can fit much more different products. Like this example. it's for hand cream. Normally, we will make the inner layer tube into colored tube and the clear outer tube so that the the consumers can see the dual chamber. And it is containing two different cream/ gel with different functions. It's amazing, right? 
Auber D35mm Dual Chamber Tube Cosmetic Packaging with Screw on Cap
Same as the normal PE round tube, the outer layer of the dual chamber tube can be decorated with multiple printing methods and varnish type. In this example, we can find the clear silk screen printing and the glossy silver hot stamping. Moreover, we can make the inner tube into any colors per your requirements. Besides of the decorations, we can also custom the tube orifice into different shapes so the cream can be squeezed into different shapes. It's will be joyful for the consumers. They will be suprised with your skin care products. Want to try? Talk to Auber.
Auber D50mm Shave Balm Packaging Manufacturer Dual Chamber Tube with Screw On Cap
This Shave Balm Packaging tube with dual chambers. What will people use the dual chamber tubes to pack? Normally it will be fit for the cream/ gel in two different colors or with different functions. Auber can produce the inner layer & outter layer tube in different colors and even materials. Besides of the functional & aesthetic usages, the dual-chamber tube can also bring some fun to the consumers. The cream comes out like the ice-cream when squeezing the tubes! 
Professional Lotion Squeeze Tubes Dual Chamber Tubes  - Auber Packaging manufacturers
Consumers love to see something funny when applying the face cream. It is happy to see the cream coming from the face cream tube looks like ice cream, star, heart, etc., come and customize your own shape.