Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Plastic Squeeze Tubes:

Plastic squeeze tubes may occupy more than 60% among custom tube packaging. Auber has been focusing on OEM/ODM tube packaging since, and we can print the plastice squeeze tubes excellent with the experienced team & high quality materials. The experienced team could help avoid issues and help saving your time and cost so that you can just focusing on promoting your brands and products.

Auber D22mm Purple Squeeze Tubes for Cosmetics with Screw on Cap
There are many printing effects can be displayed on Squeeze Tubes. Like this purple squeeze tube with black screw on cap, you can see the purple gradient printing, and also the pearled tube sleeve effect. We would be happy to help our clients to know more priniting effects and provide the best printing scheme for your reference.
Auber Hand Cream Plastic Tubes 35mm With Special Tail Seal
How to make the tube more vivid and natural? We would recommend to customize special tail tube, like this red butterfly tail tube. Of course, if you want other special tail shap tube like fish, rabbit ect., we would be happy to customize for you. As you can see, we make an attracting  purple hot stamping for the logo, it's iconic. The flower screw on cap fits the butterfly tube tail very well, right? 
Black Cosmetics Packaging For Men Facial Cleansing Auber
The design for men skin care tube packaging may simple but it will be stylish, like this black cosmetics packaging tube. We will suggest making silk screen priniting on black or other dark colored tubes, the effect will better and obvious no matter for your product's ingredient descriptiont or your product's advantages. Choosing a highlight hot stamping for your logo may a great idea as well. On the top of that, your products will suddenly looks extraordinary.
Auber D40mm Green Massage Cream Packaging Tubes with Screw On Cap
This packaging tube can be used for wide range of products, massage cream can be one of the types. Like the green pearled tube in the video, its color topic is green & gold, which will be a high end match. The green pearled flip top cap may look simple but actually it's the multi-directional cap which means we can open it in any directions. Check more options with Auber.
Auber Black Flexible Cosmetic Tube for Man Skincare Product 120ml |150ml |200ml |250ml
Auber can provide the black flexible cosmetic tube for man skincare products. Hot stamping your logo on black tube is smart, because it can make the logo more obvious and could be a bright spot on the dark tube. And the transparent spot UV(silk screen printing) on the tube is also an economical and beautiful printing choice, just one color slik printing can make the tubes so different with other tubes packaging.
Auber Some functional squeeze tubes
Nowadays, people's requirements for tube's packaging are getting higher and higher, so we need to improve ourselves all the day. So today, I would like to introduce some founctional tube, please see the video, there are some tubes can not only filling the cosmetic products but also can filling pharmaceutical products.
Squeeze Facial Cleanser Cosmetic Tube 60ml |75ml |90ml |150ml Auber
Many clients will choose PE tube as the first choice for Facial Cleanser Cosmetic Tube, because they think the experience of squeezeing the tubes is nice. Besides of normal PE, now we can provide the greener materials for cleanser since it will be the trend and the brands could add the extra value to their products. Come and check what are the greener solutions, email Auber.
D19mm Squeeze Tubes Wholesale for Aloe Vera with Screw On Cap Auber
The small squeeze tube is very light and the consumer can take it anywhere. In today's case, the client chose it for the aloe vera gel. It's a D19mm tube in pearl white color, even it's small but we can still print the aloe well on it since we can acheive 8C offset printing. If you are going to custom some small tubes with complex patterns, Auber may able to make it. Talk to us!
120ml |200ml |250ml Shiny Squeeze Tube  for Lotion Auber
The big size squeeze tube will be a nice choice for lotion. We need to moisturize our skin in the dry seasons, right? Some brands will custom a whole set of body lotion, hand cream, foot cream for festival pack. Auber can provide Dia.45-60mm big sizes tubes , and this is one of the cases for peach lotion. The peach color is lovely and Auber has printed it well, righ?Let's start to customize your lotion tubes.
Auber 30mm Empty Oil Paint Tubes
Before we think the squeeze tubes may not suit the paint until one client said they want to custom some clear tubes for their acrylic paint. Their design was simple, we can print them with offset.Then they want to custom a hole on the tube tail so that the paint can be hooked on the store shelf for saling. That will be also easy for us since we can custom the tube tails with the custom moulds. But before the client ordering, we insist to provide the free stock samples for testing the compatibility. Finally, it worked.
Auber New! The hexagonal flip top cap for squeeze tubes
Auber is going to bring you something this hexagonal flip top cap. It can help meet the recent demand for being special. Check more now!new for squeeze tubes. That is the hexagonal flip top cap. Before we have octagonal caps but they are screw on caps, and recently some clients are looking for the flip top caps in similar shapes, therefore, we find this hexagonal flip top cap.
D40mm Facial Cleanser Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale with Ice Cream Screw On Cap
The orders for facial cleanser cosmetic packaging will increase in season one in order to get ready for the hot summer. Besides of the cool feeling the cleanser can bring to the consumers, also we can design the cosmetic packaging with a 'cool' new cap, the ice cream cap! Not only the caps will look like ice cream, but also we can use it like squeezing ice-cream! If you have no idea to use it, please see our video. This type of tube packaging can make your cosmetics more unique and interesting.