Cosmetic Tubes

Squeeze tube packaging can be used wildly among cosmetic, skincare, makeup, haircare, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, industrial use, etc. Since they will be maily used for cosmetic, many people will love to call it cosmetic tubes.

Auber has focused on tube packaging manufacturering over 17 years, and we've served thousands of brands all over the world. No matter you are look for lip gloss tube, lube tube, toothpaste tube, lotion tube, or shaving cream tube etc., Auber could OEM/ ODM them, our aim is to provide the most suitable tubes for you brands.

Auber Flexible Metal Style Lotion Tubes with Different Caps
Lotion Tubes are common in our daily, we need to moisturize our skin when they are dry. These are the different lotion tube cases made with metal laminated tube. Metal laminated tubes are the tube packaging with the best barrier ability because of its aluminum layer. It can help extend the valid time of the lotion with its best barrier. You can fill some products included active or functional ingredients or a strong aromatic flavor, and if you need tube samples to do compatibility testing, we would be happy to the free stock samples.
Auber D35mm Oval Customized Cosmetic Packaging BB Cream With Screw On Cap
Do you want to custom the Cosmetic Packaging special & high end? The cosmetic packaging tube with the bronze, gold, or sliver hot stamping may high end, but the one with holographic hot foil can be high end and also special. Check this example, it's super attractive, right? But actually to find out which hot foil colors to match with the cosmetic packaging, we will need to check the whole tube. Auber can provide multiple hot foils per your designs, let customize the packaging tube now.
Auber D35mm Oval Metal Squeeze Tube with Screw On Cap
How to print the rose color fully on the squeeze tube? One solution is to print on the metal squeeze tube. The Metal Squeeze Tube is one of the types which be could fully printed easily and no need second heading. And we can choose the silver aluminum laminated sheet, then when printing the rose color on it, it will glitter. Moreover, we can choose the white aluminum laminated tube to make the solid rose pink. In addtion, we can make different oval shapes per the request. 
Auber Glossy Aluminum Tubes With Screw Cap For Hair Cream
Auber can provide 1-8 colors offset printing on aluminum tube squeeze packaging, that means one artwork design can include 8 colors most, which means we are capable to print the complex designs. Check this example, it printing is very complex, right? Besides of the reason that the aluminum squeeze tubes can achieve the flat printing, but also because Auber has the workers with more than 10 years experience. 
Auber Green ABL Skin Care Plastic Tubes with Thick Matte Effect and Black Screw On Cap
We have a type of unique printing technology for ABL Skin Care Plastic Tubes, it's the frost silk screen printing. The difference between it and the normal printing is below:-The special hand feeling: when you touch the tube's surface with your fingers, you will feel the granular sensation.-The frost printing makes the tube looks like frosted and brings the unique aesthetic feeling. 
Auber D30mm Aluminum Plastic Toothpaste Tubes
The silver area of this Aluminum Plastic Toothpaste Tubes is not the printing color or sliver hot stamping, it's just the orignal metal color of the aluminum laminated sheet! Some clients like this orignal metal color very much, sometimes it can replace the silver hot stamping when the other places were fully printed. This case is used for toothpaste which the client want the specific tube head and cap style. 
Auber High Quality Clear Lip Gloss Tube with Animal printing
The transparent lip gloss tube can help the consumers check the remaining lip gloss and the lip gloss colors directly. And once we matched it with the high quality brush head, it will be not only used for lip gloss, lip care products, but also the nail polish, nail beauty products. The brush is very soft and comfortable, good for the thin cream/ gel/ liquid, such as serum, essential oil ect. 
Auber D30mm Aluminum Laminate Tube Packaging With Black Octagonal Cap
Do you know the difference between aluminum laminated tube and PE tube? Please see this pink aluminum laminated tube, you can see the obvious sliver welding line on this tube which the PE tube will not have, moreover, we can see the metal layer( a thin silver line) from the ABL tube end. Auber packaging is an ISO certified OEM/ODM packaging manufacturer since 2004, and we can print the aluminum laminated tube with excellent CMYK printing.
Auber D35mm Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube for Cosmetics 40ml |50ml |100ml
This Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube with wonderful acylic screw on cap looks very luxury. The acylic cap raises the level of the whole tube, right? And do you notice that its gold hot stamping logo is matte? The client choose the matte hot stamping to match with matte varnishm and after that the hot foil looks understateluxury. That's the image the client want build up for the brand. Howover, every cosmetics should have their own imagine, you can choose one according to the characteristics of your brand positioning.
Auber 45mm White Aluminum Laminated Tube with Octagonal Caps
Many clients do not know what's the function of the Laminated Tube varnish and why it's necessary for Laminated Tubes. It's because we would print many colors on tubes, theseprinting colors are made of the special printing ink, such as your logo, some pattens, some words, then the varnish is to to protect the ink from falling. The normal varnish types will be glossy or matte, this is one white aluminum laminated tube with matte varnish. All in all, tube varnish is not only a type of tube effects, but also play a role of protecting the whole printing.
Auber 35mm Oval BB Cream Tubes Supplier With Metallic Caps
The printing of this Oval BB cream tube surprise me, how natural and real the girls is! That' why Auber are always confident with our tubes printiing. When we recieve your tube design, we are ready to offer the high quality tubes and best suggestion to you, and we have to say that all of our tube material are imported and our workers for printing are very professional with over 10 years experience. So please feel free to talk with Auber for any aspects about Oval BB cream tubes.
Auber D19mm High Shiny Aluminum  Coating Laminated Tube with Zinc Alloy Massage applicator for Eye Essence
More and more customers take more attention to the experience of using the skincare products, so more functional Laminated Tubes are developed. Imagine that, the eye essence will be aborbed better with gently massage & vibration, how delight the consumers will be and they will reorder the cosmetics.  Thus, the laminated tube with the special applicators can upgrade your products and help the sales.