Lotion Tube

Lotion tubes: 

We will apply lotion on our skin anytime when we feel dry. Thus, there's a strong demand for lotion and also for its packaging. Auber could provide the wide range, suitable and recyclable lotion tubes

Check the Newest Cosmetic Tubes from ISO certificated manufacturer Auber since 2004. Inquire for more cosmetic packaging designing, manufacturing & wholesale. 

D22mm  Clear Empty Lotion Tubes with Clear Screw On Cap
Labeling tubes may a nice option for the tube packaging with the complex patterns, such as printing fruit design, pictures, plants or others. The label types can be paper, PE or aluminum and Auber can apply the labeling tubes properly. Moreover, we can make the labeling tubes with different materials and also colors. Auber is a manufacturer from 2004, and we are able to provide the high quality labeling tubes with the strict QC standard.    
Plastic Lotion Tubes With Animal Shape Tails
Now we can see these lovely plastic lotion tubes with custom seals anywhere, in other words, they are popular. 13 years ago, we are the first plastic lotion tubes manufacturer in China to develop the custom seals according to clients requirements. Once it was promoted, many other packaging factories come to us and asked for the tail mold for their packaging productions. We developed more than 33 molds through the years. We are able to create the new mold to match the cosmetic brands character with the mature technology in a short time. To custom your beauty packaging, find Auber.
Auber High Glossy Lotion Squeeze Tubes Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale
Are you switching your packaging to TUBES, but have no idea how to start? Here we would like to introduce one kind of tube packaging, High Glossy Laminated Tube (some may name it as polyfoil tube, but let's shorten it into HGL tube) for you to explore the market. Its VMPET material with the best metallic finish brings the skin care products to be high-end and special.