Makeup Tube

Makeup tubes:  

Makeup is a wide range including foundation, lip balm, eyeshadow, etc. And as a professional packaging manufacturer, Auber can provide all kinds of makeup tubes to match with different usages. 

Auber packaging is a OEM/ODM packaging factory since 2004, we have been working with many local & overseas brands over 17 years with the stable quality and professional service.

China plastic tube packaging oval manufacturers - Auber Packaging
Auber a stable manufacturer for plastic tube packaging in China since 2004. We can provide max. 300 million yearly. This is one oval tube packaging for cosmetic we made before. The bright red color can be changed into any color you prefer, and we can match or acheive the final effect you want per the design. The client just want the whole tube looks simple but high end, thus they didn't put many texts or patterns in the design. Thus, we suggest using the shiny gold hot foil. The client is happy to see the printed samples since they think the bright red & shiny gold matching very well. 
Auber D30mm Sand Texture Skincare Plastic Tubes for Concealer with Flower Caps
The Sand Texture Skincare Plastic Tubes are created by Auber a few years ago, and we are the first vendor to produce them. The first overseas order was for a hair coloring product from USA. The client was so excited when looking at this special tube. Usually we will recommend to do silk screen printing for this type of tubes. The color of silk screen priniting will be more obvious instead of offset printing because of the uneven texture of the tube.
Auber Airless Pump Tube for BB Cream | CC cream | Lotion
Airless pump tube can used for BB cream, CC cream, foundation and lotion ect. Auber can provide airless pump tubes with different materials, like normal PE, Green PE, ABL and HGL ect. Besides of the materials, we can also make different decos on the tubes to match the brand styles. Maybe you can try to use the airless pacakging for the sensitive skin care products. And yes, Auber can provide the free stock samples for test before ordering for safety.
Auber D16mm printed moisturising lip balm tube for kids
Hi there, the lips need to be moisturised in Autumn and Winter. One client customize the lip balm tube with the colorful patterns since his lip balm will be use for kids. We printed this small tube very well, right? Lip Gloss Tube from Auber are available with custom design options, colors etc., so that you can create your own innovative packaging to match your brand. 
Auber D16mm Pearl Green Lip Balm Tube OEM packaging
Here we will show a lip balm tube in pearl green color. Love this lake green, and let's customize your own colored tube packaging with Auber. We can provide the lip gloss tubes in D16mm & D19mm. And moverover, Auber is able to deco the tube packiging with multiple methods like offset, silk screen, hot foil, etc. 
D19mm Plastic Squeezable Lipgloss Tube 5ml |15ml|20ml|25ml
This is a lip gloss tube in the creamy green color. We have different plugs/ applicators to match with the lip gloss tubes, this is one of them. And if you want to outstand the key words/ saling point, maybe we can silk screen/ UV oil print the key words or the saling point. Just share your ideas if you want to custom the lip gloss tube, Auber packaging can make them true.
D16mm Cosmetic Tube with Brush Applicator for Nail Polish
Brush tubes in small sizes can control the doesage well, which will be suitable for the lip gloss, Lip cream, nail polish products, etc. The D16mm tube could be used from 5-15 ml small capacity products, it's easy to carry.  Auber can custom the brush tubes in different designs (materials, tube colors, decos etc.) so that you can create your own innovative packaging to match your brand. Auber packaging is an ISO certified OEM/ODM packaging manufacturer since 2004, each tube from Auber will be inspected before delivery.
5ml | 20ml Plastic Lip Gloss Squeeze Tubes in D16mm
This 5ml-25ml Refillable Lip Gloss Tube in D16mm is especially for lip-gloss, lip essence, lip care product. Come and customize the lip gloss tube with Auber. Auber packaging is an ISO certified OEM/ODM packaging manufacturer since 2004, and we can print the lip gloss tube with excellent printing or specical decorations per your request.
OEM Brightening Cream Makeup Tube
The round PE tubes are mostly common used and competitive packaging in cosmetics industry, which is also widely used for all kinds of different products in the industries of SKINCARE, HAIRCARE, FOOD, INDUSTRY, ETC. Auber can provide the high quality makeup tube with the 17 years experience and strict QC standard. 
D30mm Square Eco Packaging Tube Auber
A “stand out” on the shelf to attract consumers comparing to the common round tube shape. Auber customize the new moulds per clients' demands, now the square tubes & caps moulds are available in D30mm & D40mm, and we can make more different shapes and sizes for you. 
China Patented Paper Texture Makeup Squeeze Tube manufacturers - Auber Packaging
Patented Paper Texture Tubes1. Ranging from 13 ~ 60mm tube diameter(capacity: 3 ml to 400 ml)2. Feeling like paper when touching the tubes surface, and they will make your cosmetics unique. 3. Widly used at all kinds of different products like SKINCARE, HAIRCARE, FOOD, MEDICINE, INDUSTRY ETC4. Tubes can be customized in different colors, shapes and be matched with different caps.5. Silk screen will the be perfect match to the paper texture tubes6. Auber owns the patent for the paper texture tubes.Auber Packaging China Patented Paper Texture Makeup Squeeze Tube manufacturers - Auber Packaging,1. Cosmetic tube manufacturer since 2004
Best Quality Plastic Packaging Oval Makeup Tube Factory
Oval PE tubes are widely used for foundation, BB cream, sunscreen, concealer, etc. The oval shapes can be different to fit for different usages. Oval tubes are flat which is easy to put into beach bags or hand bags. Now products packed in Oval Tubes are in trend, and oval makeup tube with flip top caps are also in demand.