Makeup Tube

Makeup tubes:  

Makeup is a wide range including foundation, lip balm, eyeshadow, etc. And as a professional packaging manufacturer, Auber can provide all kinds of makeup tubes to match with different usages. 

Best Quality Plastic Packaging Oval Makeup Tube Factory
Oval PE tubes are widely used for foundation, BB cream, sunscreen, concealer, etc. The oval shapes can be different to fit for different usages. Oval tubes are flat which is easy to put into beach bags or hand bags. Now products packed in Oval Tubes are in trend, and oval makeup tube with flip top caps are also in demand.
China Patented Paper Texture Makeup Squeeze Tube manufacturers - Auber Packaging
Patented Paper Texture Tubes1. Ranging from 13 ~ 60mm tube diameter(capacity: 3 ml to 400 ml)2. Feeling like paper when touching the tubes surface, and they will make your cosmetics unique. 3. Widly used at all kinds of different products like SKINCARE, HAIRCARE, FOOD, MEDICINE, INDUSTRY ETC4. Tubes can be customized in different colors, shapes and be matched with different caps.5. Silk screen will the be perfect match to the paper texture tubes6. Auber owns the patent for the paper texture tubes.Auber Packaging China Patented Paper Texture Makeup Squeeze Tube manufacturers - Auber Packaging,1. Cosmetic tube manufacturer since 2004
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