Hair Color Tube

Hair Color Tube: 

Auber has produced the hair color tubes for the professional salon and hair care brands. We will be able to provide the packaging suggestions and stable quality hair product packaging. 

Auber D50mm Clear Tube for Acrylic Paint
The clear tubes always look fresh. They may suitable for the cleanser, shampoo, body scrub, et. And we can design & print them very well, like this example, it's a clear tube with the big area silk sreen printing. And we can print another color silk screen printing on it, so both of them can felt when touched which will make the whole tube elegant and high end.
Auber D45mm Hair Mask Packaging Squeeze Tubes Wholesale with Flip Top Cap
Black silk screen printing on the D45mm Squeeze Tube is very clear, and you can see the black color is soild due to the thick silk screen ink. We can feel the text when touching the words, this is the obvious feature of silk screen. And that's why silk screen printing will look more high end than offset. Howover, we may need to keep the line width at least 0.0.8mm when printing silk screen. 
Auber Plastic Squeeze Tubes Vendor Oval Cream Tube in Dia.30mm
Plastic Squeeze Tube has two essential functions, one is to pack the cream/ gel well and protect them from reacting with the air, another one is to deliver the characteristic of the cream/ gel. Like this example, we make the thick purple silk screen printing on the black tube, they are like some purple pigment spread on the tubes which could be a signal for hair coloring products. 
Auber Printed Plastic Laminated Tube in D40mm
Wow, what a eye-catching Plastic Laminated Tube! The design of the tube is like an unexpected great result of accidentally upsetting a paint box, also looks like different colors of cream mixed together. The changing lines & colors are printed with full page CMYK which Auber can make it very nice on laminated tubes. Besides of the CMYK printing, we can also make silk screen printing on the lami tubes. Check this example, we can touch the white texts and read them clearly with the stereoscopic effect. All in all, this tube is a combination of sight and feeling.
Auber Glossy Aluminum Tubes With Screw Cap For Hair Cream
Auber can provide 1-8 colors offset printing on aluminum tube squeeze packaging, that means one artwork design can include 8 colors most, which means we are capable to print the complex designs. Check this example, it printing is very complex, right? Besides of the reason that the aluminum squeeze tubes can achieve the flat printing, but also because Auber has the workers with more than 10 years experience. 
Auber Paper Texture Cosmetic Tubes With Concave Caps
For the Paper Texture Cosmetic Tubes, normally we will send samples to our clients so that they can feel the uneven texture with the fingers directly. By this method, we can not only check its appearance, but also feel its touching feeling. Moreover, Aube can customize the Paper Texture Cosmetic Tubes in any colors you want.