Aloe Vera Tube

Aloe Vera Tubes: 

Aloe Vera is the natural material for skin fix & balance. Many organic or natural skin brands will develop the Aloe vera series with the recyclable packaging and fresh design. Auber could provide the Aloe Vera Tube with vivide printing and different tube options.

Auber D30mm White Aloe Vera Gel Customized Cosmetic Packaging with Screw On Cap
Aloe vera gel is said to nice for the sun burned skin. Thus, it will sale well in the hot summer or the tropical countries. Besides of using the text to tell the consumers what is containing in this tube packaging, we can also print some aloe vera. People could got the point quicker through image. Then quality of printing of the aloe vera will be essential. Auber can print the aloe vera or other plant well with the stable printers and the experienced workers. Tell us what you want to print on tube packaging, Auber could make it.
Auber 2oz Round Pump Tube
We have a varity of Pump Tubes for your choice, this is one example. It's with the black pump and cover, and we can customize their colors in different colors per your request. This pump style is suitable for Diameter30mm tube, and it's in good quality per we tested. One of the feature of the airless pump tube is that it can pump out the inside air and stop the fresh air come inside.
Custom Aloe Vera Tube Eco Packaging Auber
Aloe Vera Gel is said to be good for healing sun burn, thus it will sale well in Summer. The squeeze tubes may the reasonable packaging for it. Auber can custom the proper Aloe Vera Tube per your demands and help build the brands.