Shampoo Tube

Shampoo Tubes: 

Auber can produce all sizes of shampoo tubes and the packaging for conditioner.  We can also provide the small size trial pack for the brands to promote the new products or for the high end hotel usages. Auber is able to provide the sustainable solutions for the OEM/ ODM packaging tubes. We are factory since 2004 and kind to the brands. 

Auber D35mm Dual Chamber Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes with Blue Screw on Cap
The dual chamber tube is hot from 2020 till now, and we can see many hair care products are using the dual chamber tubes in the super market. Moreover, they can fit much more different products. Like this example. it's for hand cream. Normally, we will make the inner layer tube into colored tube and the clear outer tube so that the the consumers can see the dual chamber. And it is containing two different cream/ gel with different functions. It's amazing, right? 
Professional PCR Shampoo Tube factory-Auber
The round PE tubes are mostly common used and competitive packaging in cosmetics industry, which is also widely used for all kinds of different products in the industries of SKINCARE, HAIRCARE, FOOD, INDUSTRY, ETC. Auber is a manufacturer from 2004, and we are able to provide the high quality eco packaging with the strict QC standard.