Eye Cream Tube

Eye Cream Tubes: 

Eye Cream Tube normally will be the small tubes and with the special applicators, like nozzle tip head, roller ball head or zinc alloy massage heads, etc. Auber could provdie hundreds of high end packaging tubes. 

Auber D19mm Pink Nozzle Plastic Gel Tubes for  Eye Gel
When the products are oily or thin, the nozzle plastic gel tube may an option. As the nozzle plastic gel tube shown in the video, they are very good to pack products like eye gel. The pink tube is with gold hot stamping and silkscreen printing. Moreover, it's matched with the pink cap with gold trim, they've brought the premium feeling on the final products. We have two types of nozzle tubes for option in D19mm. The tubes can be 2-in-1 built in with nozzle, and another is the seperated nozzle plug. If you need to fill the products from the orifice, then we'll produce with sealed tube, and provide the seperated plug for you to put on after filling. 
Auber 10ml |15ml |25ml |40ml Nozzle Plastic Tube
Auber can provide 2 types of the nozzle plastic tubes, one is the tubes with separated nozzle plugs, which we can put the nozzle pulg out or in. Without the plug, the tube orifice will be the nomal size, which we may able to fill the cream/ gel inside from the tube orifice. Moreover, we can fit the tubes with different caps. The cap is double layer in this example, which means we can customize the inner and outer layer with different materials and decos. 
Auber D19mm Nozzle Plastic Tube Packaging For Skin Repairing Mask with Metalized Pointed Screw On Cap
There are many knids of caps for Nozzle Plastic Tube Packaging, this special gold metalized horn cap is one of them. Because of the horn shape and the small tube size, the nozzle tubes are popular for the eye cream product. The silk screen printing for the words is a good way to emphasize the product's characteristic.
Auber D19mm Squeeze Tubes with Electroplated Pearl Gold Zinc Alloy Head for Eye Essence
Squeeze Tube with the simple hot stamping could still become delicate. Look at the gold leaves, some of its leaves are thin, but Auber could try our best to achieve the nice effect even they are applied on the small tubes. Moreover, in order to make the whole tube more high end, the client chose the gold massage head to match it. Besides of building the high class brand image, the massage head can relex the skin and help it absorb the skin care products better. 
Auber D19mm High Shiny Aluminum  Coating Laminated Tube with Zinc Alloy Massage applicator for Eye Essence
More and more customers take more attention to the experience of using the skincare products, so more functional Laminated Tubes are developed. Imagine that, the eye essence will be aborbed better with gently massage & vibration, how delight the consumers will be and they will reorder the cosmetics.  Thus, the laminated tube with the special applicators can upgrade your products and help the sales.
Auber 30mm Airless Tubes with Translucent Black Caps
More and more clients are interested in eco-frienly packaging, because they are paying more attention to the environmental protection. Auber now can provide the airless tube packaging with the 'greener' materials, such as Green PE, PCR (Post consumers resin) . Moreover, we can also provide the applicators or caps with PCR. Thus, the greener tube packaing can be used widely among beauty, skin care and personal care products, etc. Like this airless tube, it can control the dosage well, and also pump out the our air for sensitive formula. 
Auber Flat Nozzle Gel Tubes With Fissure Texture
As the packaging tube manufacturer from 2004, Auber will create the new packaging tube every year. The paper texture tube is one of them. It surface is uneven when extruding and like the fissure( now we call it paper texture). We make it into different shapes.  Like this flat nozzle gel tubes,  it can be filled with some thin products like gel, eye, cream, ointment cream. Besides, Auber can customize any tube colors per your request. 
D16mm Eye Cream Tube Wholesale Auber packaging
The small tube is easy to handle when applying the eye cream. Auber packaging can provide the small tube packaging from D13mm to D25mm. And moreover, we can provide the different applicators per the demands. This is an example for the eye cream, the applicator is 1.5-2mm to fit the thin gel/ liquid. 
Plastic Squeeze Tubes with Screw on Cap for Eye Cream
Plastic squeeze tubes for eye cream are with small orifice and long nozzle which is good for gel & oily product, such as liquid, gel, glue, eye cream, ointment, etc. Auber is a packaging factory since 2004, and could custom eye cream tube with different materials, like PE, green PE, PCR, ABL, HGL, etc. Moreover, we custom them more high end with the roller ball head or zinc alloy massage heads. 
Best Auber Nozzle Gel Tubes For Eye Cream Company - Auber Packaging
1. Nozzle tube is fit for products which need to control their dosage, like liquid, gel, glue, eye cream, ointment, etc.2. We provide 2 in 1 nozzle tube or removable nozzle plug for customers to fit for different filling method.3. Multiple caps optional for different designs.4. Tubes can be customized to different tube material, shape, colors and printing ways.5. Small size nozzle tube is easy to carry and suitable for skin care / make up trial set.Usage:eye gel,eye essence, BB cream,CC cream, hand cream,lotion, fluid candy, sauce and oils packaging.Auber Packaging Best Auber Nozzle Gel Tubes For Eye Cream Company - Auber Packaging,3. Maximum yearly capacity could reach 300 million cosmetic tubes
Auber Roller ball tubes
1. Lip gloss tube allow quantitative positioning extrusion2. There are several tube packaging type to choose, smooth tube head or with rotating ball are very comfortable when consumer use the products touch their lips or skin.3. According to the different usage,displaying effect, customer can choose different matching cap type to tubes4. Lip gloss tube are suitable for 5-25 ml small capacity products, it’s easy to carry, it especially suitable for lip gloss, Lip cream products5. Tubes can be customized to different tube color and printing wayUsages:lip gloss, lip essence, lip care product