Face Cream Tube

Face cream may occuply a big share of the face skin care products, and moisturize the face skin may a must especially in the cold days. Face cream tube may the common packaging, but Auber can produce them with the brilliant printing, then make the cosmetic tubes outstanding.

Aireless pump tubes
1.Airless pump tube is premium and can prevent the cream inside the tube to react with the air when using.2. It is widely used for skincare and makeup, like essence, foundation, BB cream, concealer, etc.3. We can manufacture airless tubes in diameter 19mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, & 40mm.4. Tubes can be customized to different tube material, shapes, colors and printing ways.Check what Auber can do here: https://www.cosmetic-tube.com/rd5. Multiple pumps optional for different designs and usages.Usage:hand cream, lotion, cream, washing foam, personal care products, adhesive, fluid candy,sauce and oils packaging,shower gel, face cleanser, make-up foundation, hare care products, anti-sun cream, jam and ointment packaging.
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