Toothpaste Tube

The toothpaste were packed with the collapsible aluminum tubes long before, but now most of them may packed with ABL tubes which can contain the toothpaste well and will not deform as easy as the aluminum tubes during transportation. Moreover, the laminated tubes can be printed with CMYK which could break the limit of printing colors of collapsible aluminum tubes. Working with the local & overseas brands over 17 years, Auber can OEM/ODM the toothpaste tubes with different options. Talk to us for more packaging solutions.

Auber D25mm Laminated Tube For Toothpaste Manufacturer With Flip Top Cap
Even though, we make the matte varnish on the this D25mm laminated tube, the rabbit is shinny when we turn around the tube. How to acheive this effect? Actually we applied a transparent silk screen printing on the rabbit. This clear silk screen is the spot UV actually. Many clients like this printing scheme, because it can brighten the logo or the patterns to promote their brands. 
Auber D30mm Aluminum Plastic Toothpaste Tubes
The silver area of this Aluminum Plastic Toothpaste Tubes is not the printing color or sliver hot stamping, it's just the orignal metal color of the aluminum laminated sheet! Some clients like this orignal metal color very much, sometimes it can replace the silver hot stamping when the other places were fully printed. This case is used for toothpaste which the client want the specific tube head and cap style. 
Auber 40g | 1.5oz | 3oz Round Tube for Facial Mask | Toothpaste in D35mm
Some clients may wonder why we will full print one color on the tube to make it look like the colored, won't making the colored tube more convenient? Actually for some cases, like the artworks are with the pure white, the white color will become darker when printed on colored tubes. Another situation is the laminated tube, the basic colors of them are silver, white, clear, thus to make them like colored tubes, we will use this method.