Tubes with Special Applicators

Besides of the complex printing of tube packaging, clients will hunt for the special applicators for the additional funtions, like the massage, center dispensing and mascara airless funtions etc. Auber could provide the cosmetic tubes with multiple special applicators. We will test many times to ensure the squeeze tubes can fit the applicators properly and thus ensure the consumers could feel convenient when using the skin care/ makeup/ cosmetic products. Auber has been strictly following the ISO standand and inspect each squeeze tube before delivery, thus, we are confident to provide the 2 years after service & quality assurance.

Auber how does the center dispensing cap work?
When a new product was created, maybe it was not known by the many people. And moreover, people even may not know how to open it, it may an embarrassing experience to consumers ( I met that), but without the new items, it may not good to 'fresh' the clients, thus we would like to show you how to use this new skin care tube packaging with the center dispensing cap. This new packaging may make your clients feel different, talk to us and try it. 
Auber D30mm Pearl Blue Squeeze Tube with Central Despensing Cap
One client asked for a special applicator for the squeeze tubes which we just need to turn around half of it, then the gel can be squeezed out gently from the center hole. Then when we turn back, it closed. Finally we found this, the central despensing cap. It perfectly fit the client's requirements, and also it's very soft & comfortable with its smooth round surface. Look at this video, we will show you how to use this squeeze tubes. Feel free to tell us your needs, Auber may able to make it possible.

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