D25mm Nozzle Squeeze Tube for Lip Repairing Gel

Nozzle tubes are with small orifice and long nozzle which is good for gel & oily product, such as liquid, gel, glue, eye cream, ointment, etc. Auber is a packaging factory since 2004, and could custom eye cream tube with different applicators, like nozzle tip head, roller ball head or zinc alloy massage heads, etc. Hundreds of high end packaging tubes are available.



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  • Material
    PE, the most price reasonable material for cosmetic tubes. Different materials optional, like PE, PCR, Geen PE, etc.
  • Colored tube
    We can customize any tube sleeve colors based your request. 
  • Nozzle Tube
    We can produce the nozzle tubes with 2 in 1 nozzle head & nozzle plugs.
  • Silk screen
    The silk screen may the first option for the color tubes because it can keep the printing colors 80-90% matching with the target colors.
  • Hot stamping
    Hot foil/ hot stamping on oval squeeze tube packaging makes it more high-end and elegant.
  • Colored cap
    Not only the cosmetic tubes, the caps can also be customized as different colors & styles.
What decorations can be used for eye cream tube?

Any decorations avaible on tube packaging will be ok.                        

How to distinguish the different between the PE tube and lami tubes?

The lami tubes will have a welding line, while PE extruding tubes will not.                          

What tube packaging can contain liquid? 

The nozzle tube may help but we will still suggest doing the squeezing test.

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Advantages of Auber

1. Cosmetic tube manufacturer since 2004

2. Easy Cooperation & Long time after service

3. 100% Quality Assured

4. Workers with 10+ years’ experience

5. Keep working with the stable brands over 10 years

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