Laminated tubes silk screen printing

An old client just wanted to expand a new series of beauty products packed with lamitube. Even we have cooperated over 6 years, but we met some problems when discussing the artwork when design.

The client thought he can design the artwork in the same method as his previous PE tube packaging. But actually the laminated tubes will be produced in different methods. 

The first step of lami tubes will be printing, while the first step of PE tube packaging is extruding. 

Mia will show you how we silk screen print the lami tubes in this video. 

Actually many clients will have similar questions when start to use lami tubes, just feel free to email us info@cosmetic-tube if you have also.



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Frequently asked questions about lami tubes
  • 1. What decorations can you print on lami tubes?
    Offset/ Silk screen/ Hot stamping/ CMYK.
  • 2. What are the differences between lami tube and PE extruded tube? 
    Many differences.The first one can be that the lami tube will be with a welding line, the PE tube without. 
    Second, we will print the lami tube first then weld them into round, but the PE tube will be extruded into round tube first, then print. 
    Moreover, the barrier ability of different lami tubes and PE tubes can also be different. Pls contact us if you want to know more, tks~
  • 3. How to align the content when makeing the artwork of lami tubes?
    Follow our dieline instruction, we've setted up the center lines well in it. 
  • 4. The center lines in the lami tube dieline look not aligned, why you say they are align?
    The dieline is like the unfolded lami sheet, we will weld the sheet when making the sheet into round tube, thus, there will be a overlapping part, and we must exclude the welding part when locate the center lines.
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