Making the second head on PE tubes

Printing white color on the colored cosmetics packaging tube, the white will become darker, but many clients want us to achieve both, the whole tube must look like a color tube and the white be white enough. It seems difficult, right?  But as an ISO certificated packaging factory since 2004, it may not a problem to us. 

We can full print the big area color on the white tube, then we can make second heading on PE squeeze tubes, after that the whole tube will look nice. Howover, the second heading will take longer lead time. 

Grace will show the cases with/ without second heading so that you can have more ideas and think comprehensively when customizing the packaging tubes.



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Frequently asked questions about plastic squeeze tubes
  • 1. What decorations can you print on squeeze tubes?
    Offset/ Silk screen/ Hot stamping/ CMYK.
  • 2. What applications will the people use tube packaging for?
    Skin Care, Makeups, Hair Care, Toothpaste, Personal Care, Ointment, Food, Industrial, etc.
  • 3. I want to print the white color on the black tube, how do you think?
    If to make white offset, it will become grey, so we would not suggest that. We may suggest using silk screen printing or using a white tube  printed with the whole page black. 
  • 4. Why Auber tubes are with good quality?
    We inspect each tube before delivery, 100% Quality Assured.
  • 5. What is the Auber factory scale?
    Our factory is 18800 m2 production area with 150 staff and 7 production lines.
  • 6. What is Auber factory capacity?
    Maximum yearly capacity could reach 300 million cosmetic tubes.

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