Auber Custom the suitable lip gloss tube

We will share something about the lip gloss caps today via one case. A client from America said they find some circles on the caps and they don't like it. We checked it immediately and find actually they are the inner thread of the cap. The reason lead to this case is that the color is pearled silver, which will be a little transparent. To avoid this case, we suggest using solid colors or coating special pattern on the caps.

Auber Custom the suitable lip gloss tube

Hi Baron, we find the circle on the caps and we don't like it. Any solution from your side? This is urgent.


I saw Alex's emal and actually have no idea what he was talking about at this begginning. But when I looked at the caps, I got it. The circles are acually the inner thread of the caps. But why we can see them from the outside? Then I checked more caps, and I found some solid color caps will be better ( we couldn't see the circles abivously from outside), but when the colors come to the pearled colors, the situation changed. 

I talked with our work shop for this case and finally we found that the pearled powder added to the caps will make the cap colors a little transparent. Thus, the inner thread could be seen from outside.

I suggested Alex to choose the solid silver or using some special patterns to coat the cap if he don't like the circles, howover, he loved the pearled silver more and finally accepted the circles.