Different printing effects on silver ABL tube-Auber packaging manufacturer

We met a case with an Italian client for their ABL tubes, then we think we should share something for the full page printing on Aluminum laminated tubes. Actually even in the same printing method, we can still make them into different effects. Tinna will show you the difference. Hope this video could help you to decide which color effect you prefer. But if you still have question, just talk to Auber freely. 

Different printing effects on silver ABL tube-Auber packaging manufacturer
1: Solid colors
The first effect will be solid which means we couldn't see the metal luster of the ABL sheet. Sometime, we may not find this is the lami tube from the appearance via this effect. 
2: Colors with the metal luster
Then when we print the same ink lightly(or thinner) on ABL tube, the color will change, and we see the shiny metal luster. Some clients will prefer this effect because they think the whole tube looks more bright and attractive.

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