Auber barcode on plastic tube

Most of cosmetic tubes brand will have their own bar code so that their customers and the shopkeepper can find the products directly. Today we will share you some experience about plastic tube packaging bar code.

We should consider the barcode's color, position and barcode shape. What's more, we'll test the barcode with scanner gun to see whether it can be scaned easily when finish printing. Let's see this video and get more details.

Auber barcode on plastic tube
Talk about barcode

We have to say the squeeze tubes are really the customization products and we must confirm all small details one by one. Tinna will talk about something about the barcode today. We can see the barcode anywhere when shopping, it seems common, right? But in the production, Auber will consider many aspects of it. 

Barcode Colors

Firstly, it's barcode's color. We suggset strongly contrast colors for its lines and background. For example, the black & white. 

Barcode Position

Suggesting putting it on the place near shoulder on the tube back vertically. Like below example. 


After printing, we will test it with scanner to check whether it's workable. Actually before delivering the tubes to the clients, Auber will test every aspects to make sure the client can use them well.

About Auber

Auber is an ISO9001 Certified manufacturer since 2004.

We are specialized in producing plastic cosmetic tubes & metal cosmetic tubes in wide range:

♦ PE tubes: Mono-layer, Double-layer and Multi-layer(5 layers) 

Laminated tubes: ABL (Aluminum plastic laminated tubes), PBL (Plastic laminated tubes), HGL (High glossy laminated tubes)

♦ Diameters: from 13mm to 60mm

♦ Different decorations: offset printing, silkscreen printing, hot stamping, labeling, etc

♦ We offer private label and contract packaging services

♦ Our tubes are used in cosmetics, skincare, hair care, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, industrial use, etc.

We are focusing on quality control by strictly following the ISO9001:2015 standard.

We consider loyalty and customer service as the priority on business relationship. The high satisfaction from our customers has helped us explored the markets into North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Mid-East, etc.