White color in different printing ways on transparent squeeze tubes

There are two normal printing methods on squeeze tubes. Today Tinna will show the white offset & white silk screen on the transparent tubes, from which we can find the difference between these two printing methods. The white offset on transparent tubes will be dimmer than the white silk screen. Then if we change to the colored tubes, will this happen? The answer is yes. If you had more questions for packaging tubes, and want the suggestion to custom your own cosmetic tubes, pls feel free to tell us your ideas.  

White color in different printing ways on transparent squeeze tubes
White printing on transparent squeeze tubes

White color may the common color we will used for packaging design, but the white color on the squeeze tubes can become different effects in printing methods. Auber will talk to and show the clients with some custom packaging cases before making the pre-production samples or the mass order tubes. 

In this video, we can see the white offset printing and the white silk screen printing on the transparent packaging tubes. Tinna will show you their difference and also discuss the reasons. 

White offset
The white color looks a little dim.
White silk screen
The white color is opaque.
The printing ink of offset is thin, thus the tube base color will come through from the white. Then when we look at the white offset, actually it's a combination effect of the white and the tube base color which will look dim. The silk screen color is thick which could occlude the tube base color better, thus when we look at the white silk screen, it's opaque. Above situations will happen also if changing the tube base color to others.

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