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Consumers love to see something funny when applying the face cream. It is happy to see the cream coming from the face cream tube looks like ice cream, star, heart, etc., come and customize your own shape. 





  • Material
    PE, the most price reasonable material for cosmetic tubes. Different combinations optional, like LDPE+HDPE+EVOH, PE+Green PE, etc.
  • Round dual chamber tube
    Round shape is common among tube packaging, but we can customize tubes in dual chambers and different colors.
  • Squeeze the cream in different shapes
    When the cream comes out from the dual chamber tubes, its shape may like ice cream, heart, star, etc.  
  • Special tube orifice
    How to squeeze the cream in different shapes? We can build the tube heading moulds for specail tube orifice.
  • Decorations
    Any decorations available on tube packaging.
  • Specific double-layer caps
    We can provide the specific caps to match with the dual chamber tubes, and it can be any colors per your need.
What sizes of dual chamber tubes can you make? 

D30mm-50mm, we can build a new mould if you want other sizes.

Can I customize my own tube orifice shape?

Yes, just share your ideas.  

What decorations can be used for dual chamber tube packaging?

Any decorations available on tube packaging.

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