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Are you switching your packaging to TUBES, but have no idea how to start? Here we would like to introduce one kind of tube packaging, High Glossy Laminated Tube (some may name it as polyfoil tube, but let's shorten it into HGL tube) for you to explore the market. 

Its VMPET material with the best metallic finish brings the skin care products to be high-end and special. 





  • Material
    High glossy laminated sheet
  • Holographic effect
    The mordern and fashion holographic effect can be acheived by the special laminated sheet.
  • Round shape & long tube head
    Round tube is the most common shape among tube packaging. Long tube head can fit the screw on caps.
  • Full page offset printing
    The lami tube can achieve full page printing easily. Full page offset on the holographic sheet would make things different and  attractive to the consumers.
  • Round corner tail sealing
    We suggest the round corner taill sealing more on squeeze tubes since it will be soft and friendly to the children. 
  • Acrylic screw on cap
    High end acrylic screw on cap may perfectly match the high glossy lami tube, and we can provide hundreds of caps for matching based on different functions & designs.
Is the HGL tube a lami tube?

Yes, it's the lami tube with the best metal luster at this stage.                         

Why HGL is so glossy?

It contains the VMPET film.                         

What decorations can be used for HGL tubes?

Any decorations avaible on tube packaging will be ok.

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