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Check what cosmetic tubes sizes, material, colors, types and so on Auber can make for you.  

1. Size:

Size Chart: http://www.cosmetic-tube.com/Helps/Sizechart.html


*How to measure?

2. Tube material: 



*What is LEPE/MDPE/HDPE, and what are their differences? 

*What is the difference between mono-layer, double layer, 5-layer(EVOH/COEX)?


3. Tube colors:

Any color base on pantone

4. Tube coating:



*What is Unvarnish space& Not Printing space?

*What kind of tube can be printed wholly(including tail and shoulder)?


5. Decorations:

Decorations for plastic skin care tubes: http://www.cosmetic-tube.com/Article/decorations_1.html


6. Other Deatails:

*Foil sealing 

*Tail sealing

*Insert Plug


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