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Auber D35 CC Cream Tube Packaging Manufacturer
Look at this ruby red on the high glossy tube( HGL tube), it's charming. Then how Auber make this red so bright? That is easy, we offset print the red ink on the high gloss tube packaging, and then the red will become metallic because of the original metal luster of the HGL tube. Moreover, one tiny but creative point is that when we print the gold offset logo on this HGL tube, it's like the gold hot foil. 
Auber Small ABL Tubes With Black Octagonal Cap
For the ABL Tubes, Auber can offer Diameter 16mm-60mm tubes for you. This is an example in D19mm, and we can see it's full page printed with light yellow color so that the whole tube looks like a colored tube. Moreover, this a silver base ABL tube, thus we can print the color thin so that the color will be with an extra metallic feeling, and the lighter the color, the more metallic it is. 
Auber D19mm Lip Gloss Tubes Manufacturer with Screw On Caps
We have produced many Lip Gloss Tubes through the years. And most them are colorful, because we can print them in 8C colors even they are small, and moreover we can make them in different tube sleeve colors. What's more, multiple deco methods like offset, silk screen or hot stamping will be optional. 
Auber Diameter 30mm Oval Plastic Tube Packaging
It's a creative design on Oval Plastic Tube to print gradient color on the colored tubes. Normally offset on the colored tubes is not suggested since the colors will change a lot, but in this case, offset print a deeper purple color on the lighter purple tube looks great! Moreover, beside of the decos, we can also provide the colored tube head to match the whole tube. Thus if you do have the special requirements, pls just feel free to talk to Aube, we can customize all the aspects of oval plastic tubes.
Auber Oval Cosmetic Metal Tube with Metallized Caps
What's your BB cream packed in? Maybe many people will answer, in the oval cosmetic metal tubes. Why the oval cosmetic metal tube is common among consumers? It may because the oval tubes are small and capable, then we can take anywhere easier. Take this pink cosmetic metal tube as example and find more details of it. 
Auber Airless Cosmetic Pump Tubes in Dia.25mm for Concealer
CMYK printing are vivid and nature, like the flowers & leaves on this airless cosmetic pump tube. They are very realistic, just looks like a beautiful painting. Moreover, the transparent cap to match with this mint color is nice, it will make the whole tube look fresh, moreover we can see the pump head clearly though the transparent cap. 
Auber D16mm Lip Gloss Packaging
The small lip gloss tube packaging can not only fit for lip gloss, but now more clients are using them for other products like ointment, essence, gel or personal lubricant products, etc. Moreover, the smal tube can be the trial pack and promot the new products of your brand. The key point is to design it with your brand characteristics and find the packaging vendor to make it well. Auber will be the choice.
Auber D19mm New Empty Makeup BB Cream Nozzle Tubes
This is a D19mm pearled pink BB cream nozzle tube with the pearled color cap. Its cap is double layers, which will be more high end but with the higher price than the single layer cap normally. Besides of making the tubes & caps in the specific colors, we can also make diferent decos on the small nozzle tubes, like offset, silk screen or hot foil. See this example carefully, there is a 'hidden' flower on it, we can see it clear in some angles , then it will disappear when we move. It's a well designed and printed packaging tube, right? 
Auber D22mm Primer Customized Nozzle Tubes With Black Screw On Cap
For the Nozzle Tubes, we can make them in different materials, PE, green PE, PCR, and ABL ect. When people are thinking about making the PE tubes, they may think about using 5 layers PE tubes in order to acheive the better barrier ability. For example, the 5 layers nozzle tubes for primer. Auber can provide D16mm, D19mm, D22mm, D25mm nozzle tubes in the custom colors and tube shapes. 
Auber D30mm Super Oval Aluminum Laminated Tubes Supplier With Screw On Cap
The match of Black & red is also classic. Like this Oval Aluminum Laminated Tubes, the black silk screen printing match with the shiny red well. Moreover, different color silk screen printing can be printed on another color silk screen printing. Check this aluminum laminated tubes carefully, the black color block under the white test is also silk screen printing. They are very clear.
Auber Customized Beauty Tube in D16mm with Brush Applicator for Concealer
Do you know Auber can customize the beauty tubes with brushes? Our brush tubes have many benefits, like the material of PBT material can bring soft touch enjoyment and have better quality than those with PA /nylon material. It could apply product accurately and good to control dosage. This Dia.16mm is made with the high glossy laminated tube which is with the best metal luster among tube packaging.
Auber D30mm Airless Pump Plastic Tube Packaging with Black Closure
Airless Pump Plastic Tube is so cool, it's colorful & holographic! How Auber make it? We make it with the holographic high glossy laminated sheet, in other words, it's holographic orginally. Moreover, when we print different colors on it, the color will become not single, it's like a combination of the multiple colors. Besides, when we are matching it with the airless pump, the whole tube will become high end. 

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