Face masks to the kind person



We were asked about the face masks recently. We heard from the clients and friends that it is very difficult to buy the face masks in their countries. Even if someone has the stock, but the price will be very high. One client from France said to us, they want to donate some masks to the hospital since sometimes even the nurse and doctors don’t have enough masks.

We are very sad to hear that and we are touched by the kindness of them. Thus, now we are donating a small amount of masks to the kind person. Since it’s still difficult to get the medical masks, the masks are the regular protective mask(we’ve been using these in our office). These are more suitable to regular citizens that’s not in close contact with the virus or so.

You can see the masks we are sending in this video.

Btw, the original aim to do so is to help the people in need, Auber will not sale the face masks for the long term, the products we will focus on are still cosmetic tubes, so we couldn’t provide the bulk masks.