Oval ABL Tubes:

Oval PE tubes are widely used for foundation, BB cream, sunscreen, concealer, etc. Auber can use different materials to make the oval tubes, the oval ABL tube will be one of the types. ABL tube may the OEM tube packaging with the best barrier ability, which will be nice to the sun screen products. Now products packed in Oval Tubes are the trend, and oval tubes with flip top caps are also on higher demand.

Auber D35mm Oval Metal Squeeze Tube with Screw On Cap
How to print the rose color fully on the squeeze tube? One solution is to print on the metal squeeze tube. The Metal Squeeze Tube is one of the types which be could fully printed easily and no need second heading. And we can choose the silver aluminum laminated sheet, then when printing the rose color on it, it will glitter. Moreover, we can choose the white aluminum laminated tube to make the solid rose pink. In addtion, we can make different oval shapes per the request.